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The 5 Best 12v Air Compressor Units

Updated on December 5, 2017
A 12 Volt air compressor means easy topping off at home.
A 12 Volt air compressor means easy topping off at home.

If a three-year-old has just learned how to deflate a tire and decides to practice his new skill on your car (this happened to me not long ago), a 12-volt air compressor is a very useful device to have.

Outside of keeping your car's tire pressure where it should be, these devices will help maintain lawnmower tires, bike tires, balls, and swimming pool floats of all kinds. Also, if you are an outdoor enthusiast and find yourself far away from a gas station or repair shop with a flat tire, a portable air compressor can get you out of many sticky situations.

What's the Difference Between a High-Quality and Low-Quality Compressor?

The main complaints about these products are noise. Some of them will make you wish you have earmuffs if you don't. Other complaints have to do with the lengths of the power cable and hose. Also, some of the very cheap models have poor build quality and break easily, these should and will be avoided in this article.

Apart from that, some models are made purely for car tires, while others are powerful enough to inflate semi-truck tires. Below I will cover various types of high-quality 12-volt air compressors. The best compressor will depend upon your needs, so choose wisely.

Some features to look out for are:

  • Built-in light: This can be useful, especially in an emergency.
  • Digital pressure gauges: These are more accurate and easier to read than older mechanical gauges.
  • Cordless: These compressors run on a charge and are usually either 12-volt or 120-volt. They can also jump start a car.

Why Do You Want One Of These Machines?

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The Slime 40022 is an inexpensive and capable 12-volt air compressor.
The Slime 40022 is an inexpensive and capable 12-volt air compressor.

1. Slime 40022

The Best Inexpensive Unit

The lightweight and compact Slime 40022 is probably the best small inflator for standard car tires.

It is easy to set the tire pressure that you want with the help of a large digital display. After that you just press go to start inflating. The compressor switches off automatically at the right value.

It has an onboard light that is a big help at night for any kind of problem.

The Downside

  • It is pretty slow and very noisy. You will not enjoy watching it dance around the ground, either.
  • The cable and hose are very short. You will need a cigarette lighter extension cord.
  • It feels flimsy but seems to hold up if you take care.
  • It will take 4 or 5 minutes to inflate the average tire from flat.
  • Not recommended for an RV or any other big vehicle. Max tire pressure is 35 PSI.


Noise and vibration takes away a lot of the pleasure of maintaining tire pressures on a regular basis at home. But it gets the job done.

It can be a life-saver for those slow-puncture moments on the the road, when help is far away and you don't want to change a tire.

Absolutely the Best?

VIAIR 450P- super powerful performance.
VIAIR 450P- super powerful performance.

The VIAIR 450P: Real Power at a Price

Pictured above is the Rolls-Royce of air compressors and is powerful enough to inflate even a 37-inch tire in about 5 minutes from flat.

Power is taken direct from the vehicle's battery by heavy-duty clamps which satisfies its appetite for juice without overheating issues.

The pressure gauge is larger then most, easy to read and can be set to automatic for accurate topping off.

The only drawback is the price. It is around $250 online but with a recommended price of twice that. This is a unit that will last a lifetime, though.

Mid-Price Point Devices

Slime COMP06
Slime COMP06

Slime COMP06 Heavy-Duty

Nobody has anything bad to say about this model (which makes it pretty much unique). It has a generous 16 foot PVC air hose with quick-connect cabling. Add that to an extension electrical cable (described above) and you will reach all the tires easily, even on a big unit.

The built-in pressure gauge is readable in increments of 2 psi. The permanent magnetic motor is durable and quiet. There are plenty of adapters for toys and balls.

It works up to 130 psi and will inflate 0 to 28 psi in about 3 minutes.

It does not vibrate too much so no dancing away along the road while in use!

A bargain at around $50.00 online.

00073 70P
00073 70P

VIAIR 00073 70P

This medium-duty model is slightly cheaper than the Slime Pro Power, above, but is broadly comparable in its specification.

It has a very generous 16-foot power cable and a 4-foot air hose. The stainless-steel braided air hose will last well and never get kinks.

It will inflate a typical flat tire in about 4 minutes and can handle heavy-duty pickup and RV tires. The neat compact design is easy to carry and the bag supplied is sturdy enough to protect the unit in a trunk.

Master Flow
Master Flow

Master Flow MF-1050 Tsunami

This is not a cheap unit, but it is one of the most reliable and can tackle big tires. It is a good choice for RV tires needing 150 psi.

It has alligator clip connectors so there is no problem with overheating plugs. The cables and air hose are big enough to get around any ordinary vehicle.

The unit is quiet and it doesn't vibrate like crazy.

Some people complain that it is hard to replace the air hose if it is damaged for any reason.

Devices with Lights

A built-in work light can save frustration if you get a flat at night.
A built-in work light can save frustration if you get a flat at night.

Campbell Hausfeld RP3200 with Light

This unit will vibrate and it can take off on its own if you not holding it down!

At the same time, it will get the job done and it has a tough construction that will resist the knocks these units get in a car trunk.

It has a powerful work light and even a flashing hazard light for night emergencies.

There is a built in pressure gauge and it comes with different nozzles for bicycle tires and inflatable toys.


Cordless, recharging.
Cordless, recharging.

Black & Decker Air Station

This machine can operate on its internal batteries or from a cigarette lighter outlet in your car.

On batteries only (full charged), it will pump up four standard car tires from flat.

It has a low pressure setting for air mattresses, balls and so on.

The pressure gauge is more sensitive than many and is accurate to 1 psi, though some people complain it is small and hard to read.

The battery needs a 4 to 5 hour charge to bring it up to full capacity.

A Couple of Things Worth Having with any 12-Volt Air Compressor

Extension lead
Extension lead

Pressure gauges in air compressors are not always easy to read and often give a reading to no better than the nearest 2 or 3 psi, so it is worth buying an accurate gauge. If you over-inflate the tire a little you can let out air and use the gauge to get a perfect setting.

A standard wall outlet to 12v adapter can be handy for garage use.

If you buy one of the cheaper air compressors you will probably need a cigarette lighter plug extension cable. The cables supplied are often no more than 12 inches long and the air cables equally short.

A digital pressure gauge is a must for car owners.
A digital pressure gauge is a must for car owners.

120-volt Alternative for Home Car Maintenance

This Goodyear direct drive compressor is ideal for home use.
This Goodyear direct drive compressor is ideal for home use.

There are plenty of 120-volt compressors available nowadays. These are a good option if you are mainly concerned about topping off tires at home. They will plug into any wall outlet or power extension.

The Goodyear i8000 pictured above is a very low vibration product with plenty of power, inflating tires up to 150 psi in less than three minutes.


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