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Facts About the 1967 Mustang

Updated on December 6, 2008

Mustang 1967-73 Road Test

Ford 1967 Mustangs

Ford's 1967 Mustang received a new body, wider track, more divers rang of engines, and a long list of options. Ford offered a Tilt-Away steering wheel, built in heater/AC, overhead console, Stereo-Sonic tape system, automatic transmission, bench seats, AM/FM radio, speel ontril, and front power disc breadks.

At it's debute, many car enthusiasts claim that the 1967 Mustang was too big and too heavy. But, today, it is probably one of the more revered and sought after vintage cars.

The 67 Mustang did not receive the outcome that Ford had intended, but as you can see, the 67 Mustang models have stuck around. With the 2007 Mustangs, the designers tried to emulate the 67 Mustang ever so slightly.

Even in 1967, cars came with warranty plans, Ford Motor Company created a 3 point plan for ther 1967 Mustangs, which included:

  1. 5 year or 50,000-mile warranty on car power train, steering, and suspension.
  2. 2 year or 24,000-mile warranty on the entire car.
  3. Only one dealer certification per year regardless of how many miles you drive.

1967 Dealer Brochure Cover

The Mustang Red Book

The Mustang Red Book by Peter C. Sessler was created to help the Mustang enthusiast to determine the authenticity and originalitiy of Mustang Models.

There are actually four different versions of the Red Book, each a little different from the last. Three of the more common Red Books include the second, third, and fourth editions.

  • Mustang Red Book Early 1965-1995 features Mustangs of all production models from 1965 through 1995.
  • Mustang Red Book 1964 1/2-2000 features Mustangs and Shelby Mustangs between the years 1964 1/2 and 2000.
  • Mustang Red Book features Mustang models through 2004.

Many people prefer to have all three editions (even four if you can find the fourth edition) of the Mustand Red Book.

The books not only helps you determine authenticity and originality the the modal sitting in your driveway, but it provides you with helpful facts about Mustand from the earliest model to the most current to the edition.

For exmple, the following facts are excerpts from Mustang Red Book 1964 1/2-2000.

  • The most important number in any Mustang is the VIN, or serial number, which from 1965-1980 is an 11-digit number that breaks down the model year, assembly plant, body code, engine code, and consecutive unit number.
  • Ford attached a stamped plate, usually under one of the coil hold-down bolts, supplying the engine information.
  • There is additional information such as the consecutive unit number and optional codes on a riveted underhood plate. Sometimes the location can vary by car model and year, but you may find it behind the headlights on the radiator support, near the right side hood hinge, or on the sides of the engine compartment.

Mustang Monthly Magazine Subscription

Mustang Monthly

The Mustang Monthly magazine is a great source of information for all Mustang models and years. With each magazine, you'll find different 'How To's' in restoration, historical facts, club directories, show information, and maintenance tips.

The magazine not only features new and upcoming Mustangs, but vintage Mustangs, as well.

1967 Mustang Facts & Figures

Production Figures

65A 2dr Hardtop: 325,853

65B 2dr Hardtop luxury: 22,228

65C 2dr Hardtop bench seats: 8,190

63A 2dr Fastback: 53,651

63B 2dr Fastback luxury: 17,391

76A Convertible: 38,751

76B Convertible luxury: 4,848

76C Convertible bench seats: 1,209

Total: 472,121

Mustang Serial Numbers

How to read the serial number on your mustang is pretty simple..

Example: 7R01C100001

7 - Last digit of model year

R - Assembly plant (F-Dearborn, R-San Jose, T-Metuchen)

01 - Plate code for 2dr hardtop (02-fastback, 03-convertible)

C - Engine code

100001 - Consecutive unit number

Location of the serial number:

You will find the serial number stamped on driver's side inner fender panel at notch between shock tower and radiator support. (You're warranty plate is riveted on rear face of driver's door.)

Mustang Engine Codes

T - 200 ci 1V 6 cyl 120 hp

C - 289 ci 2V V-8 200 hp

A - 289 ci 4V V-8 225 hp

K - 289 ci 4V V-8 271 hp

S - 390 ci 4V V-8 320 hp

Approximate Mustang Weights:

  • Mustang Hardtop- 2,695 lb. (6-cylinder); 2,885 lb. (V-8)
  • Mustang Fastback- 2+ 2, 2,725 lb (6-cylinder); 2,915 lb. (V-8)
  • Mustang Convertible-- 2,855 lb. (6-cylinder); 3,045 lb (V-8)

Mustang Steering Gear Ratios

SMB-A - 19.9:1

SMB-B - 16:1

SMB-C - 19.9:1

SMB-D - 19.9:1

SMB-E - 16:1

Mustang Dimensions & Capacities

Length- 183.6"

Width- 70.9"

Height- Convertible 51.6"; Fastback 51.8"; Hardtop 51.6"

Wheelbase- 108"

Treads- 58"

Trunk luggage volume (cu.ft.)- Convertible 7.7 (top down); Fastback 5.1 (18.5 with optional rear seat folded down); Hardtop 9.2

Fuel- 17 gallons

Interior Trim Colors

2A - Black

2B - Blue

2D - Red

2F - Saddle

2G - Ivy Gold

2K - Aqua

2U - Parchment

6A - Black, luxury

6B - Blue, luxury

6D - Red, luxury

6F - Saddle, luxury

6G - Ivy Gold, luxury

6K - Aqua, luxury

6U - Parchment, luxury

4A - Black, bench seat

4U - Parchment, bench seat

7A - Black comfortweave

7U - Parchment comfortweave

5A - Black comfortweave, luxury

5U - Parchment comfortweave, luxury

Exterior Colors

A - Raven Black

B - Frost Turquoise

D - Acapulco Blue

F - Arcadian Blue

H - Diamond Green

I - Lime Gold

K - Nightmist White

M - Wimbledon White

N - Diamond Blue

Q - Brittany Blue

S - Dusk Rose

T - Candyapple Red

V - Burnt Amber

W - Clearwater Aqua

X - Vintage Burgundy

Y - Dark moss Green

Z - Sauterne Gold

4 - Silver Frost

6 - Pebble Beige

8 - Springtime Yellow

Convertible Top Colors:

Black or White

67 Fastback Mustang Restoration

1967 Fastback and 1969 Hardtop
1967 Fastback and 1969 Hardtop
1969 Hardtop
1969 Hardtop
2004 Anniversary Edition
2004 Anniversary Edition


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    • profile image

      Austin 3 years ago

      My dad bought his 67 Mustang used in 74 and I have all ways wanted to restore it

      Thank you for the information

    • profile image

      scott 6 years ago

      I have a 67 289 A code convertible with a bench seat.

      I know there were only 1209 convertibles made that year with a bench seat,but how many with a 289 4v or A code?



    • Enlydia Listener profile image

      Enlydia Listener 6 years ago from trailer in the country

      My first car was a 67 Mustang...nice to see the pictures.

    • profile image

      M.B. 7 years ago

      I have searched for years to find the information you have posted here regarding '67 Mustangs.

      I have found 'the Man' regarding classic '67's finally. THANK YOU !

      We have an original '67 convertible (yes, bought new).

      I would love to find out just how many of our particular Mustang were built as ours is a larger 6 cyl.

      Heard there were actually 2 different size 6 cyl. built.

      Would love to know if that's true or not?

    • profile image

      DavidLivingston 7 years ago

      I like Mustangs! Thanks for posting.

    • M.A.Triggs profile image

      M.A.Triggs 7 years ago from Everything Enigma

      Beautiful just Beautiful.. :D Thanks for the AWESOME Hub.. Love the 67's, working on saving to get one.. Thanks again mate.

    • zzron profile image

      zzron 7 years ago from Houston, TX.

      Awesome hub, I once had a red 68 automatic with a black vinyl top I paid $500.00 for in the 70's. I wish I still had it.

    • HarperSmith profile image

      HarperSmith 8 years ago

      Nice I wished I had some of this information a few years ago when I helped my brother restore his 67. Thanks

    • profile image

      Julio 8 years ago

      What was the original price for the 6 cyl version of the 1967 Mustang, Hardtop, a/c, automatic?

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 9 years ago from France

      Lovely... I would like a 67 on pink ;-)

    • RFox profile image

      RFox 9 years ago

      I have only one thing to say: SWEET!!!!