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1997 Toyota Tacoma Review

Updated on October 22, 2012

1997 Toyota Tacoma

I have been driving a 1997 Toyota Tacoma pickup for almost three years. I really love this truck! The bed makes maximum use of the available space. It measures 74.5" x 57.9" x 15.9" deep. That is 39.6 cubic feet, minus the wheel cover. That is enough space to move just about anything I have ever needed to move. I've moved myself and helped a neighbor and a stranger with my Tacoma.


I change the oil regularly. In addition, I've replaced the radiator ($150) and a head gasket ($180). I had some trouble with brake light. That ended when I replaced some fuses ($12). In 2011, the engine could not pass smog. But, Sea Foam, an oil change, and a warm engine fixed that. The second try was a success.

Toyota Management System

These trucks were built by the Japanese production method. The Toyota Management System (TMS), famous amongst business managers, produced the most flawless units. Each year, the average number of defects found on Toyota vehicles was far below that of other auto manufacturers.

Today, I have more than 367,000 miles on my '97 Tacoma. It still runs smooth. At last calculation, the engine gives 27 miles per gallon- very nice. This is within the original specification of 25 to 29 mpg highway.

Tire Size for Toyota Tacoma

The original tire size was P195/ 75R14 92S

The alternate tire size is P215/ 70R14 96S

I drove on Firestone FR 380s for the last year. I like them.


The Toyota pickup is recommended. For small cars, I still like the Honda Civic.


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