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2000 Alero Heater Blower will not turn on

Updated on February 18, 2013
The black plastic under the dash to be removed and remember how it comes off.
The black plastic under the dash to be removed and remember how it comes off. | Source
This is what it looks like when the cover is off, you will see in the back the resistor plug and then the blower motor and then the computer.
This is what it looks like when the cover is off, you will see in the back the resistor plug and then the blower motor and then the computer. | Source
This tool will save you 1 hour .
This tool will save you 1 hour . | Source
The new resistor will look a little different, but it has been up graded. The one on the left is broken off that is why my motor did not work. This resistor also controls the low speed control
The new resistor will look a little different, but it has been up graded. The one on the left is broken off that is why my motor did not work. This resistor also controls the low speed control | Source

Crazy Mike is back again

Well I am back again with another fixer up issue,

Over the years I have had to fix just about everything around the house and seem to find that most things are just common sense but sometimes you just need a little help. This is what started this article, you see my blower motor on my 2000 Oldsmobile Alero would not turn on and I live in Ohio where the winter it is cold, so having a blower on has its advantage to say the least. It is hard to clear the windshield without a heater blower on. Although I did drive it for several days this way, it was like I was riding in a horse drawn buggy cold just like the old days. But I did not like it.

As I looked online to see what the possible options are on why the unit will not turn on could not find very many examples of how to fix the problem.

1. Check all the fuses in both the drivers side door and the passenger side door, if all is well then move the the main fuse box under the hood and check all the fuses that you can check. Please note that the big sealed fuses you can not check on your own, just check the small ones.

2. When you find a fuse that is blown and it looks like a burn mark in it and the little wire in it is melted and split then that fuse is blown.

3. Go and get that fuse and several other extra ones of the same type you will need them {trust me}

4. Place a new fuse in the same spot be sure it is the same amp and size cause it will be a bad thing if you goof up.

5. If when you turn on the heater blower motor and by the way it is the A/C blower motor too they are one in the same. If the unit turns on you are done yaya Stop here and put everything back together and happy driving.

6. You put fuse in and it blew out again, put another new fuse in to make sure that the fuse was not damaged some how. If it blows again you have a problem.

7. Check all of the wires coming out of the main electrical box from under the hood to see if you can see any wires that are exposed and may be shorting out, in most cases you will not see anything wrong, but if you do find something fix it by putting electrical tape on it for repair. You see nothing electrical can touch bare metal it will ground itself and blow fuses.

8. The real problem is the resistor that handles the blower motor speed control and when I tried to find out where this was there are no pictures on the internet and I will be the first one.

9. It sits up and under the passenger side under the dash, were your feet go when sitting in the chair..uncomfortable because if you are tall like me it will be hard to get into a comfortable position when working under the dash of this car.You will need some tools like an 8mm socket and some other sockets to fit the blower motor and the resister screws that hold in the resistor. see picture of how it looks when cover is taken off under the dash.

10. Take off the cover that is under the dash it is black and made out of plastic. I think there are 3 screws that hold it in but could be 4 do not remember. Once that is off and it may take some wiggling to get it to snap loose, but remember how it came off because if you do not remember that it will be hard to put back in. See picture

11. Now get your head under the dash and you will see the blower motor directly above were you put your feet when sitting in the chair on the passenger side see picture

Stop now and unhook the battery negative terminal, because going any further the alarm will sound.

12. The resistor is located in front of the blower with a group of wires going into it see picture

13. Unplug the wires and be-careful not to break anything, you can remove this part last if you want to.

14. You will see the mini computer with a bar code on it, be-careful not to damage this unit could be expensive. The key to moving the computer is to slide it to the left and it should remove itself from the bracket. This may take some time but it will work. Once this is moved out of the way you will see gold screws that hold the fan blower motor in place remove them with a ratchet, when the unit is loose unplug the fan blower motor wires and the fan blower motor will come straight down and pull out and set this aside.

15. Stick your hand up inside to see if any debris is up in there, I found hay and straw because I have a small farm. Just clean it out.

16. The resistor you will see it sticking up and it looks like a small 2 inch rectangle standing up like a small skyscraper.

17. Now unplug this if you have not already done so and unscrew it there will be 2 small screws and the back one will be hard to get out, so save some time and make this tool see picture of tool and use it this will keeping you from cursing and asking yourself why did I start this project.

18. Pull this part out and look at it what you will find is that it has wear marks on it and is probably grounding itself out. So go to AutoZone and get another one I think it was 29.00 see picture

19. Testing the motor take a car battery and make some wires and touch the positive and negative on the motor to see if it starts up and spins if so it is not the motor. If it will not spin it is the motor. On mine it spun fine so I cleaned the blades off and put it back in the car.

20. Put it all back together with new parts like the resister and good to go then it should work fine.

Hope this helped and an article like this could have saved me 2 hours.

So you all owe me 2 hours.


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    • profile image

      Mike Simmons 

      4 years ago

      I am glad I could save you all some time, the needle noise visegrip tool pictured will save you a lot of time getting the screws out and then putting them back in.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow thank you, really good explanation from a guy who just found it today ! I did exactly what you describe and it really work ! Thanks again !

      Jay : You dam right it is a pain to undo those screws at the back, I took long nose...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      You forgot to mention what a pain in the arce it is to screw in the one screw on the resistor lol. Took me forever before I decided it would be fine without the other screw!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks you were bang on, even the comment about why am I doing this!


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