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2005 Chevrolet Colorado Review

Updated on April 30, 2013

I love this truck!

I purchased a used 2005 Chevy Colorado a little over seven years ago and I have never regretted it. When I was looking to buy a vehicle, there were four things that I was looking for:

  • Independence
  • Dependability
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Good gas mileage

At that time I was living in Colorado and I was a single female. I did not know a whole lot of people yet because I had only been in the area for a while. I was not sure how long I would be staying there and I wanted to be able to have the freedom that a truck could give me. I chose the Chevy Colorado because it fulfilled everything that I was looking for and it is a beautiful truck! The red truck in the pictures, is mine.

This truck had less than 10,000 miles on it and it looked like it would last a very long time without giving me any issues. I am not a truck guru by any means, just a female going by her gut instincts. At the time of purchase, I was offered an extended warranty and because I was single and on one income, it very much appealed to me. This extra coverage would only be a few thousand dollars more than the original loan so I went ahead and had it rolled into the total purchase.

This truck was used to go back and forth to work, which was about 40 miles round trip; five days a week. I did road trips every chance I got which included a round trip from Colorado to California and two round trips to Kansas City, Missouri. I lived in the Morrison foothills area and my daughter and her husband would take my truck up the 70 to Breckenridge and Aspen on a regular basis. They loved my truck too!

Because this truck had towing abilities, I made sure I had everything I needed for in case of an emergency. When someone was stuck in the snow, I did not think twice about pulling over and offering my assistance. This was not included in my list of pros and cons of why I wanted it but it became something that gave me great pleasure in helping others.

This truck had the tonneau cover which I loved. I only had a problem with it one time and it was an easy fix; my son in law replaced one of the arms in like five minutes and it was good to go. This cover had locking abilities so whatever I put in the back I could lock it up. Plus I believe it actually helped on my gas mileage and I think it gave the truck a classy look.

Maintenance is important for longevity

I took very good care of this vehicle to include oil changes every 3000 miles. About two years after I bought this truck, my service engine light came on so I took it to an authorized Chevrolet dealer. At this point I had 58,653 miles. They found that the number two cylinder had a misfire; they replaced the coil and the misfire was still there. They then found that all exhaust valve springs needed replaced and that both camshafts had rust and pitting on the lobes and needed replaced to include the rocker arms. The total bill on this was $3008.17. I did not have to pay a dime because I had the extended warranty.

Approximately a month later, my service engine light came on and I took it back to the Chevrolet dealer. They ran tests and swapped coils and spark plugs and it still had a misfire at idle. They reassembled with new gaskets, bolts and seals. Again, I did not have to pay any monies for this repair.

Five months after this 2nd repair, I went to go start my truck and the service engine light came on; within a minute the engine sounded like it was completely falling apart. The truck could not be driven; it had to be towed back to the dealer. The valve spring had come loose and had caused the lash adjuster tip to break and it damaged the head. They replaced the cylinder head, exhaust cam, rocker arm and lash adjuster and then reassembled with new gaskets. This repair was actually covered by the dealer because the first replacement parts were faulty. Again, I did not have to pay any monies for this third repair. I was told that pretty much, it was like I had a brand new truck at this point.

While my truck was being repaired this third time, one of the mechanics backed the truck into a pole and put a dent in the back corner. They repaired it and painted it so well that you could not even tell that it had ever been damaged.

My son in law advised me to get rid of this truck; he felt that it would continue to have issues. I love this truck and my feelings on it at this point was that any vehicle may have issues and at least I know what the issues are for this truck and they had been fixed. I believed that I would not have any more issues.

Three years later.....

Three years and two moves later, I still have this truck and have not had any issues whatsoever $6. I remember when I sat in the office at the bank as I signed the loan papers; they asked me how long I anticipated to keep this truck. I told them I had plans of keeping it until it could no longer be driven, in other words, forever.

If someone were to ask me advice on if they should get an extended warranty on the purchase of any vehicle, I would say absolutely yes!

If someone were to ask me if I would recommend them to buy a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado, I would say without hesitation, yes! My experience with this truck and with the Chevrolet dealer was beyond all my expectations. If I ever decide to purchase another truck, it will definitely be a Chevy.

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