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2009 Ford Focus Review by a Focus owner

Updated on October 21, 2009

I purchased a Ford Focus approximately 6 months ago and thought I would provide you with a quick review.

First off here are the specs;

2009 Ford Focus SE, manual transmission, upgraded with Microsoft Sync and heated seats.


The focus drives great, the independent suspension handles turns and curves at higher speeds well. It handles bumps on the road with ease and the cabin is very quiet. The Duratec engine (140hp) coupled with the manual transmission is fairly peppy. I haven't had any issues passing cars. Just a heads up though If your going to pass another vehicle plan it out, allow your RPM's to climb first. Putting the pedal to the floor does very little when your RPM's are between 2000-3000. Another thing I noticed about this car is the aerodynamics. Whenever the car is placed in neutral the car will coast along for an unbelievable amount of time. I imagine this contributes to the great fuel economy. I average 650km per tank of gas using the 50L tank. The car provides a clear view of your surroundings and it is very easy to check your blind spots when changing lanes. The braking is a little sluggish and the car needs more pressure than most to engage the breaks. Even when stopped in traffic it is easy to not put enough pressure on the brakes and roll forward/backward.


Have to say there are a lot of features that I really enjoy. The heated mirrors, seats($200) are quick to take effect and work great. I highly recomend getting Microsfoft Sync ($400), not only does the system work great for hands free phone operation and playing music. Ford includes an electronic compass and auto darkening rear view mirror with the Sync Upgrade. The electro chromatic mirror is fantastic for night time driving. As soon as someone comes up behind you the mirror will darken. Keyless entry works great and there is a trunk release button added to the cabin for 2009.


Personally I think the interior is great but you should know the Focus gets a lot of negative comments on-line for the look of the interior/exterior. When shopping around for similar priced vehicles the only interior I thought was as nice is the Mazda3 (Gauges are nicer in the Mazda 3). The Focus has plenty of leg and head room and the interior gauges/controls are well placed. Also the Focus uses blue light for all gauges/controls which I feel looks pretty sharp. It has a 40/60 backseat split which is easy to use and can be accessed from the interior.


I do have the chrome looking door handles, mirrors and grill which I feel look good. I am thankful for not having the chrome stick on side vents which come on the SES model. After my first touch car wash I was able to see swirl scratch marks from cleaning. I know this happens to most vehicles but just wanted to give you the heads up to expect swirl marks after your first touch car wash.

The Negative

No major complaints but I should definitely mention the following. It is important to note that there are a few complaints on-line about the seats not being put together properly. After reading this I went and checked out my focus. Sure enough there is approx 3 inches of stitching missing from the back seat which secures the seat to the bench. Not a big deal but it is a sign of low quality, which makes me a little nervous. The key fob is very outdated and no matter how you adjust the sun visor it will not stay put. Lastly the headlights are not the greatest when it is very dark out. The headlights on the 2007 Ford Focus were great so I am not sure what happened here.

All in all I love the car so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a comfortable and reliable car.  If you have any questions at all feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.


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      7 years ago

      my wife almost got killed a few weeks ago while driving her 2006 Ford focus. The sticking throttle problem that these cars are known for, (and which Ford denies exists), kept plaging this car. She rear-ended another car, (women don't know what to do when the throttle sticks). I experienced it too, the brakes would not stop the car, I had to shut the engine off. No More Fords for us. This little piece of garbage almost killed her.

      Go ahead and do your own research, google "ford focus sticking throttle", you will see what I know now.


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