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2010 Indian Dark Horse & Bomber: Jaw Dropping Styling & Prices To Match!

Updated on March 20, 2011

The story of the fabled Indian motorcycle marque would stagger the fantasy of the most imaginative soap opera writer. Since its inception in 1901, Indian has gone through more starts and stops; closures and reopenings; launches and bankruptcies; than any other motorcycle brand, or pretty well any other nationally known manufacturing entity.

Indian today is related only by name to the great marque which ceased business as The Indian Motocycle Manufacturing Company when it went bankrupt in 1953. Regardless of genetic lineage, I do have to begrudgingly confess that the 2010 Indian Chief Dark Horse left me virtually speechless due to its astounding nostalgic styling... imagine a long gone and widely lamented Kawasaki Drifter executed in a purely All-American fashion and you'll have the Dark Horse!

Absolutely everything is right with the Dark Horse's styling. It is such a complete bullseye onto the Nostalgic Cruiser board that you really have to wonder why Harley Davidson's stylists have been wasting time and resources by designing aberrant mutants such as the Rocker & VRod.

Every tiny detail on the Dark Horse is not just perfect, but beyond perfect. Take a look at the headlight, for example. How many times have we seen a teardrop headlight executed in a cruiser which has been completely devalued due to the designers' insistence on placing multiple headlight elements within the lamp housing so that it looks not so much like a classic headlamp but the probe head from the 1953 War Of The Worlds Martian Spacecraft?

I can't even begin to list all of the magnificent styling touches, both major and minor, which the Dark Horse embodies. I'd have to start at the tip of its noble deeply valanced front fender and end at the tip of its deep matte black muffler. I'd have to reinvent ways to spell WOW!

Reservations? Of course the 105 cubic inch powertrain is sheer overkill. Way too big of an engine to suit the second decade of the twenty-first century. I have often gone on record as stating that motorcycles such as the Honda Fury would be absolutely perfect if they were powered by 600cc V-Twins, but I'll save a similar call for the Indians for no other reason than to avoid sparking the same flame war on this Hub. Let it suffice to say that I am not a fan of all Indian's 105 cubic inch PowerPlus V-Twin motor with a gargantuan bore and stroke of 3.966 x 4.25 inches, as it is simply excessive. Some of the great motorcycles of the past, including countless memorable Harleys as the WL, XR, etc. were powered by 750cc engines!

Yes, I know it's a great motor which features electronic closed loop sequential port fuel injection, and an integrated three-way catalytic converter with heated oxygen sensors... blah blah blah. It's just too damn big for this day and age. Period.

The same overpowered, oversized motor is found in Indian's new 2010 Bomber Limited Edition, and although it does share many of the same styling features of the mouth watering Dark Horse, it is designed to mimick the World War II military motorcycles which is a style I am far less enamoured of. However, I do have to agree that any fan of this style of nostalgia cruiser will be hard pressed to find a 2010 model motorcycle that can come close to comparing with the Indian version when it comes to cloning the style and feel of the great WWII bikes.

So what's wrong with these two stunning 2010 Indians? Their stunning price tags. the Bomber Limited Edition is set to carry an MSRP sticker price of a staggering $31,000! That is nothing less than highway robbery when you consider that you can purchase four and a half 2010 Sportsters for the same money!

What can possibly make this motorcycle worth such an outrageous kick you in the gut price? Nothing. I still love the styling, and I'd love to see it in my garage, but I'm not going to even remotely consider shelling out the money that might buy me six houses in Detroit instead of one two wheeled vehicle.

Indian, it saddens me greatly to announce that you're dropping the ball again. You can't sell this bike for this price in this recession! Are you insane? Is another bankruptcy around the corner?

It seems as if greed by the latest iteration of Indian executives is going to sink the company once again.


2010 Indian Dark Horse

2010 Indian Bomber Limited Edition


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    • samsoft profile image

      samsoft 8 years ago from NIGERIA

      oh, this is great

    • profile image

      king toom 8 years ago

      OK!for you.

    • Komodo Gear profile image

      Komodo Gear 8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      That is a drop dead gorgeous bike; nostalgia all the way.

      That's the price of beauty and "being the first" on your block to own one.

    • profile image

      billykinsel 8 years ago

      awsome bikes out of myprice range

    • Hal Licino profile image

      Hal Licino 8 years ago from Toronto

      Good bikes, not so good prices. :)

    • profile image

      Get Free Visitors 8 years ago

      Good very good not so good