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2010 Real Stick Shift Cars (with real manual transmissions)

Updated on May 15, 2010

Buying Cars with Manual Transmissions...

I created the list below because of the difficulty in finding vehicles with manual transmissions. It was surprising to learn just how many manual transmission vehicles are still being sold at dealerships. So, I hope this list makes it easier for others to find, buy, and enjoy a stick shift car. You'll find it after my personal driving story that follows. Enjoy.

At 25, I decided to buy a car with a manual transmission. Not knowing how to drive a manual transmission car was not an obstacle. A friend explained the concept of shifting over the telephone and the following week, I bought a lime green Fiat X1/9, had another friend drive it from the dealership, and then proceeded to practice in an empty parking lot. Next day, I drove to work and later to softball practice. This was Atlanta, Georgia, stick shift heaven, with hills and curving roads everywhere.

Over the next three weeks, at every stop, I pleaded with the car to not cut off at the stop light and to not roll back into the car behind me. When you're new to driving a manual transmission, the humiliation of having the engine cut off at a stop or of rolling back into the car behind you are your biggest fears. It was three weeks of terror, but never once did the car cut off or hit the vehicle behind me. With tips from friends with lots of experience driving manual transmission cars, I eventually mastered the art of not rolling back even a little.

Listed Alphabetically by Manufacturer



128i Coupe/Convertible, 6-speed manual

135i Coupe/convertible, 6-speed manual


328i Coue/Convertible/Sedan/Sports Wagon, 6-speed

328i xDrive Coupe/Sedan/Sports Wagon, 6-speed

335i Coupe/Convertible/Sedan, 6-speed

335i xDrive Coupe/Convertible/Sedan, 6-speed


528i Sedan/xDrive Sedan, 6-speed

535i Sedan/xDrive Sedan/xDrive Sports Wagon, 6-speed manual

550i Sedan, 6-speed manual


X3 xDrive30i, 6-speed manual (crossover)


Z4 sDrive30i, 6-speed manual (roadster, convertible)

Z4 sDrive35i, 6-speed manual (roadster, convertible)


M3 Sedan/Coupe/Convertible, 6-speed manual

Chrysler ------------------------------------------------------------------


Caliber SXT

Caliber (all trims: SE/SXT/SXT Sport/RT), 5-speed manual

Challenger 6-speed manual (sports)

Viper SRT10 Coupe/Convertible/ACR, 6-speed manual (sports)


Ford Focus Sedan, 5 speed manual overdrive, standard

Ford Focus Coupe, 5 speed manual overdrive, standard

Ford Fusion, 2.5L Duratec 16V I4 Engine, 6 speed manual

Ford Mustang, T5/TR3650 5 speed manual, standard

Ford Escape SUV, Duratec 2.5L I-4, 5-speed manual

Ford Ranger truck, 5-speed manual, standard

Ford Super Duty truck, 6-speed manual, standard

Ford Fiesta Hatch/Sedan, 5-speed manual, standard


Milan I-4 (sedan), 6-speed manual, standard


Volvo S40 2.4i Sedan, 5-speed manual

Volvo S40 T5 AWD Sedan, 6-speed manual

Volvo v50 T5 AWD R design, 6-speed manual

Volvo C30 T5, 6-speed manual,

Volvo C30 R, 6-speed manual,



CTS-V Sedan, 6-speed manual


Camaro Sport/Convertible, 6-speed

Cobalt Sedan, 5-speed

Cobalt Coupe, 5-speed

Corvette ZR1, Coupe, 6-speed w/overdrive

Corvette Coupe, 6-speed w/overdrive

Corvette Convertible, 6-speed w/overdrive

Corvette Z06, 6-speed w/overdrive

HHR SUV, 5-speed manual

Colorado truck, 5-speed overdrive


Canyon 5-speed w/overdrive



Accord Coupe

Accord Coupe LX-S / EX / EX-L, 5-speed

Accord Coupe EX-L V-6, 6-speed

Accord Si Coupe, close ratio 6-speed

Accord Si Sedan, close ratio 6-speed

Accord Sedan LX/LX-P/EX/EX-L, 5-speed

Civic Coupe DX/LX/EX/EX-L, 5-speed

Civic Sedan DX/DX-VPLX/LX-SEX/EX-L, 5-speed

Fit 5-Door/Fit Sport 5-speed


Acura TSX, close-ratio 6-speed (sedan)



Accent Blue/GS/SE, 5-speed (hatch)

Accent GLS, 5-speed (4dr sedan)

Elantra Blue, 5-speed (4dr sedan)

Elantra Touring GLS/SE, 5-speed (hatch)

Sonata GLS, 6-speed (4dr sedan)

Tucson GLS, 6-speed (crossover)

Santa Fe GLS, 6-speed (crossover)

Genesis Coupe 2.0T/3.8, 6-speed (sport)


G37 Coue Sport, 6-speed manual


Compass Sport, 5-speed manual (hatch/crossover)

Patriot Sport, 5-speed manual (suv/crossover)

Wrangler Sport/sahara/Rubicon, 6-speed manual

Wrangler Unlimited Sport/sahara/Rubicon, 6-speed manual


Forte, 5-speed overdrive or 6-speed with overdrive (sedan)

Forte Koup 5-speed overdrive or 6-speed overdrive (coupe)

Optima LX, 5-speed overdrive (sedan)

Rio, 5-speed overdrive (sedan)

Rio5, 5-speed overdrive (hatchback)

Soul, 5-speed overdrive (mini suv, crossover)

Sorento, 6-speed manual with overdrive (suv/minivan)

Sportage, 5-speed manual with overdrive (suv/minivan)

Lexus -------------------------------------------------------------------------

IS 250 Sedan, 6-speed manual

IS 250C Manual, 6-speed manual (sport/convertible)


Mazda3 iSV/iSport/iTouring, 5-speed (4dr sporty)

Mazda3 s Sport/s Grand Touring, 6-speed (4dr sporty)

Mazda3 Sport/Grand Touring, 6-speed

Mazda Speed 3. Close ratio 6-speed

Mazda5 Sport/Touring/Grand Touring, 5-speed (crossover)

Mazda6 iSV/iSport/iTouring, 6-speed (4dr sport sedan)

MX-5 Miata Convertible Sport/Touring/Grand Touring, 6-speed (sport)

RX-8 6-speed (sport)

Tribute Sport, 5-speed (crossover or SUV)


C300 Sport Sedan, 6-speed with short throw shifter

SLK300 Roadster


Lancer DE/ES/GTS/Ralliart, 5-speed (sport sedan)

Lancer Sport GTS/Ralliart, 5-speed (sport)

Lancer Evolution MR, 6-speed TC-SST (sport sedan)

Lancer Evolution MR Touring, 6-speed TC-SST

Eclipse GS, 5-speed (sport)

Eclipse GT, 6-speed (sport)


Versa 1.8s Hatchback, 6-speed

Versa 1.6/1.6s Sedan, 5-speed

Versa 1.8s Sedan, 6-speed

Cube 1.8/1.8s 6-speed (minivan, crossover)

Sentra 2.0, 6-speed manual (sedan)

Sentra SE-R Spec V, 6-speed close-ration

Altima Coupe 2.5S/3.5SR, 6-speed close-ratio

Altima Z (370Z/370Z Touring/NISMO 370Z), 6-speed close-ratio

GT-R/GT-R Premium, Dual Clutch 6-speed (sport)

Xterra X, 6-speed (SUV)

Frontier XE/SE 4-cyl, 5-speed (trucks)

Frontier SE V6, 6-speed (truck)


Cayenne, 6-speed manual (crossover/hatch/wagon)

Cayenne GTS, 6-speed manual (crossover/hatch/wagon)

Boxter, Cayman, 911, 6-speed manual (sports & convertible)


9-3 Sport Sedan, 6-speed manual

9-3 Convertible, 6-speed manual

9-3 SportCombi, 6-speed manual

9-5 Sedan, 5-speed manual

9-5 Sport Combi, 5-speed manual (hatch/crossover)


Impreza 2.5i/ 2.5i Premium, 5-speed (sedan)

Impreza 2.5I Outback Sport, 5-speed (sedan)

Impreza WRX standard/Premium/Limited , 5-speed (hatchback/crossover)

Impreza WRX STI, 6-speed (hatchback/crossover)

Legacy 2.5i /2.5i Premium, 6-speed (sport sedan)

Legacy 2.5GT Premium/Limited, 6-speed (sport sedan)

Outback 2.5i/2.5i Premium, 6-speed

Forester 2.5X/2.5X Premium, 5-speed (crossover)


Sx4 Kizashi S/GTS/SLS , 6-speed manual (sedan)

SX4 Sport Sedan S, 6-speed manual

SX4 SportBack GTS, 6-speed manual (hatchback)

SX4 Sedan, 6-speed manual

SX4 Crossover, 6-speed manual

Grand Vitara, 5-speed manual (suv)

Equator Extended Cab, 5-speed manual (truck)


Yaris 3dr/5dr, 5-speed (hatchback)

Yaris Sedan, 5-speed

Corolla base/X/XRS, 5-speed (sedan)

Matrix base/S/XRS, 5-speed

Camry base/LE/SE, 6-speed

Tacoma Regular Cab, 5-speed (truck)

Tacoma Access Cab, 5-speed & 6-speed (truck)

Tacoma X-Runner, 6-speed (truck)

FJ Cruiser, 6-speed manual (suv)


Golf, 5-speed & 6-speed manual

New Beetle, 5-speed manual

GTI, 5- & 6-speed manual (hatchback)

Tiguan, 6-speed manual (crossover)

Jetta SportWagon, 5- & 6-speed manual

Eos Komfort, 6-speed manual (convertible)

Golf TDI, 5-speed & 6-speed manual (diesel)

Jetta TDI, 5-speed & 6-speed manual (sedan, diesel)

Jetta SportWagon TDI, 5-speed & 6-speed manual


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    • Hippie2000 profile image

      Hippie Untiet 

      23 months ago from Wisconsin

      I notice none of the USA ones had a the old tough as nails 4 speed. The 3 speed with the granny low. The true cast iron beast.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Peugeot 407;508;rcz;308;citroen c5;audi s7;alfa romeo 159;skoda octavia; vw passat;tiguan;vw polo gti;porche panamera;

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Diesel midsize: Go for the VW Jetta/Jetta Sportwagen TDI. They come with a 6-speed manual and get 40+ mpg.

    • profile image

      Black Shadow 

      8 years ago

      I do not think the GTR has any variant of a stick shift anymore. The 2009 model was the last to offer it.

    • profile image

      aileen alagar 

      8 years ago

      i need a diesel and a stick shift mid size car or small suv

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      also MINI Cooper, Clubman and the 2011 Countryman comes in AWD.

    • profile image

      reza Reza 

      8 years ago

      volkswagon cc comes in a stick

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Here's the thing. I love a manual transmission. I have a VW Passat and a Mazda Miata, both sticks. I now want AWD and have a very limited selection. Only Subaru and a jeep or two offer the stick w/ AWD. It is very frustrating.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      This is super useful, thank you for compiling.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Finally reliable information! I've been looking for these answers... thank you for your research and publication.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Most Audi vehicles are offered with manual gearboxes as well.

    • profile image

      Angel Garcia 

      8 years ago

      Great job. I need a Diesel and manual shifting car to use. Prepared a used one that I can afford. I mean something cheaper.

      Please quote me or email me cheaper prices and location to get them. I am in Sacramento,CA

      Thank you ,Sir,


    • profile image

      8 years ago

      The 2010 Acura TL AWD comes with an optional 6spd manual as well.


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