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Honda Silverwing 600

Updated on January 7, 2013

King of The Scooters!!

This is dedicated to the unofficial "king of the scooters", the Honda Silverwing. This title could be competed by the larger Suzuki Burgman 650 & faster Yamaha TMAX but for style, comfort & power, its the Silverwing that comes out on top, in my opinion. Lets take a look at the 2011 model.

Powered by a 582cc fuel injected, liquid cooled parallel 4 stroke twin engine, that even sounds powerful, the Silverwing will easily outdo 100mph while still reaching 47mpg from its 4.2g tank. This bike even looks menacing with its 551 lb weight, large frame and 63" wheelbase. With its automatic CVT transmission, its twist and go, and I mean really GO!!

Once you are seated on its comfortable & massive seat, also capable of over 5 liters of storage underneath you are excited about the possibilities. Supported by a low back rest for both you and your passenger, the Silverwing spares no discomforts. The modern dash contains all of the necessary gauges and also has a full size windshield. Front and rear disc brakes stop this machine and now available is an anti lock braking system for more stability. The 14" front wheel and 13" rear offer plenty of smoothness over bumps and have excellent traction, as do the dual adjustable shocks.

This is an all day cruising machine that will go wherever you want it to. Perfect for long trips or a leisurely evening ride. The only negative I've found with this scoot is its price which is near the 10K mark. But if you look at the big picture as with other Hondas, this bike will more than pay for itself with its trouble free and longevity.

May 16, 2012- I finally brought one home. A beautiful blue metallic 2006 model and I'm loving it. It is everything I had written about and more. Test ride one and you will see!! That is her in the pic above. My average mpg so far is the mid 50s, so unless you are "hot rodding" it then you will do better than the advertised 47.

A review of my 2006 Silverwing 600


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