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2011 Honda VT1300CT Interstate

Updated on March 20, 2011

The first reaction you have when you see the 2011 Honda VT1300CT Interstate is "aw no… they didn't…" Then you pick yourself up from the floor, take another close look and the awful reality starts to sink in. They did. And they did it really bad.

The VT1300CT Interstate takes what is arguably the best styled motorcycle Honda has designed since the CBX 1000 six cylinder collector's bike and bastardized it to the point where it's just recognizable enough to make you want to lose your will to live. Built on the base of the magnificent and alluring Fury, the VT1300CT Interstate takes virtually every element that makes that Fury the awe inspiring chopper that it is, and strips it away to turn it into a utilitarian, staid, and borderline boring minimalist tourer. Fortunately, the underlying Fury is such an exceptional and exciting motorcycle that the mutation into the VT1300CT Interstate cannot totally eliminate its magnificent performance and essential ecstatic style. It has to be begrudgingly admitted that the VT1300CT is still going to be a great bike no matter how misbegotten. But why tourerize a Fury? It's a crime against Hondahood! Soichiro must not only be spinning in his grave, but turning somersaults as well.

The VT1300CT Interstate's mauling of the Fury knows no bounds. First, the light, ethereal and waaaaaaaaay stretched out front end blessed with that gorgeous 38 degree rake is cut down a full four degrees and replaced with a standard OEM issue metric tourer heavyset front fork assembly with Electra Glide shrouds, bloated fender, and a clunky gray fat 1982 450 Nighthawk wheel.

The entire anti-establishment in your face spirit of the Fury is neutered in the VT1300CT Interstate incarnation. The thing has floorboards! Floorboards on what was a chopper for cryin' out loud! It doesn't end there. The rear fender is stretched out to droopy flabbiness and mercifully hidden from view by leather wrapped hard saddlebags which from a distance resemble the el cheapo what-was-Dieter-Zetsche-thinking Fisher Price plastic dashboard material from a 2008 Jeep Compass.

There is only one single improvement on the VT1300CT Interstate over the Fury and that's its soaring pullback handlebar set. It's out of place on the VT1300CT Interstate, but it's definitely an item that every Fury owner should run out to their local Honda dealer's parts counter and order today.

Hey, Honda! It's the 40th anniversary of Easy Rider. Why don't you produce an exact metric duplicate of Captain America's Panhead, and then slap on the saddlebags and top box from an old Gold Wing Aspencade, swap out the girder forks for the front end from your Shadow Phantom, pull in the rake to 31 degrees, and plunk a Vetter Windjammer fairing on the front. It might be an atrocious and regrettable mélange, but would still look better than the 2011 Honda VT1300CT Interstate!

2011 Honda VT1300CT Interstate At A Glance

Base MSRP: $12,749
Engine Displacement: 1312 cc
Engine Type: liquid-cooled 52° V-twin
Bore & Stroke: 89.5 mm x 104.3 mm
Induction Type: PGM-FI
Ignition Type: Digital
Compression Ratio: 9.2:1
Transmission Type: Five-speed
Final Drive Type: Shaft
Front Tire: 140/80-17
Rear Tire: 170/80-15
Wheelbase: 70.1 inches
Saddle Height: 26.7 inches
Curb Dry Weight: 679 pounds
Fuel Capacity (US): 4.4 gallons
* Specs/pix apply to 2010 model, updates as released


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    • kia31 profile image


      8 years ago from Los Angles

      Very cool Motorcycle but I am very afraid to drive one I love being a passenger with the right drive but the its got to be in a safe place.


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