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2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS

Updated on March 20, 2011

Rather surprisingly the 2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS costs about 40% more than the 2011 Suzuki Bandit GSX1250FA ABS. Although the Suzi can't really compare with the refinement and overall awe-inspiring qualities of the Kawi, that's still a considerable four grand difference to consider when writing out the check at the dealership.

If you want to feel a bit better about shelling out the cash for the Concours 14 ABS, consider the pricing difference with the 2011 Honda NT700VA Varadero ABS. Although it's difficult if not outright nonsensical to compare a 1,352cc ABS sport tourer with a 680cc one, we do have to admit that both of them will carry two individuals in comfort and sportiness from Anchorage to Key West and back without missing a beat while entertaining them the whole way, so perhaps the comparison is not as ludicrous as it may first seem.

For reasons known only to Honda's unconscionably greedy accountants, the Honda NT700VA Varadero ABS is priced almost identically to the Suzuki Bandit GSX1250FA ABS so now you may consider that you have formal permission to gloat at the silly people who got rooked at the Honda dealership and pull out the checkbook for your new Concours 14 ABS.

What you'll get for your hard earned money is a Concours 14 ABS sport tourer that is simply a piece of manna from heaven fallen onto the motorcycling earth, and that's not just because it has a (borderline ugly) hole-y fairing. The Concours 14 ABS just simply works better than any other sport tourer ever built, and once you take a "short" ride, say from Denver, Colorado to Jasper, Alberta through the switchbacks all the way, you'll have such a smile on your face that you won't even care if the fairing is unappealing and the saddlebags even more so.

Listing all of the technological cornucopia housed within the Concours 14 ABS surprisingly subdued-color dark blue body would take longer than the Denver to Jasper ride, so let it suffice to say that for 2011 Kawi has redesigned the bodywork to provide for smoother and quieter cruising, increased the electric-adjustable windscreen by 2.5 inches, added heated handgrips, and implemented Kawasaki's first-ever traction control system (yes, just like the Formula One cars) which works in perfect harmony with the K-ACT II selectable, sport-oriented coactive ABS to ensure that you can roll and stop with completely otherworldly aplomb.

The 2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS is the super sport tourer of every rider's dreams. Ride it with profound pleasure and feel free to laugh uproariously whenever you pass a Honda NT700VA Varadero ABS.

2011 Kawasaki Concours 14 ABS At A Glance

Base MSRP: $20,199
Engine Displacement: 1352cc
Engine Type: Water cooled 4 stroke inline four
Bore & Stroke: 84mm x 61 mm
Ignition Type: Digital
Compression Ratio: 10.7:1
Valve Train Type: DOHC, 16 valves
Transmission Type: Six-speed, return
Final Drive Type: Shaft
Front Tire: 120/70ZR17M/C
Rear Tire: 190/50ZR17M/C
Wheelbase: 1,520 mm
Saddle Height: 815 mm
Curb Dry Weight: 304 kg
Fuel Capacity: 22 L
* Specs/pix apply to 2010 model, updates as released


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