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2013 Volkswagen Passat Review

Updated on November 29, 2013

Volkswagen Passat User Review - Introduction

Volkswagen has done a tremendous job trough the years, by delivering high quality vehicles with unique characteristics that have always made VW stand out. That is why I considered VW when buying my first out of college car.
I wanted something classy, reliable and modern, at first I looked into buying another VW car, the CC which looks really slick and VW has truly done a nice job with it. However since the price tag of it was a bit steep I decided to look at the all new VW Passat, which looked completely different than its old version and that is what sparked my interest. Once I sat down in the car, I knew that this was going to be my vehicle for the next several years.
A year and a half into ownership of the 2013 VW Passat here is a detailed review of the good, and the bad features of the VW Passat.
This review is for the 2013 VW Passat SE with Sunroof

The Beautiful VW Passat - Exterior
The Beautiful VW Passat - Exterior | Source

Volkswagen Passat User Review - The Exterior

In the past several years, Volkswagen has come out with some great car designs. The CC is simply magnificent (both the 2013, and the 2014), the new Beetle is refreshed and looks as slick as ever. Both SUVs are amazing as well, the Touareg is comparable to a world class SUV such as the Audi Q7 and the BMW X5. The Tiguan is the perfect SUV for the younger generation and it is a mini Touareg. And there is the all new Passat.
VW has done a great job with the exterior of the all new Passat. The slick lines make it look like a sophisticated CC, which is actually what VW might have been shooting for. The Passat looks amazing in the front where the first thing you notice is the wide grill and the well crafted VW logo. Looking at the car from a side perspective, the Passat looks great as the mid lines and the wheels look extremely sharp (wheels depend on the package you get).
The back of the Passat has the typical German look and the Passat is often mistaken for a BMW or an Audi when people look at it from the back.

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VW Passat Interior
VW Passat Interior | Source

Volkswagen Passat User Review - The Interior

The Volkswagen Passat interior looks even sharper than the exterior does. The interior is obviously dependent on the type of package customers decide to go with (in this case the SE package with sunroof).
The interior looks stylish yet simple, which makes the Passat such a lucrative vehicle. It is very clear that this is a car designed by a German auto-maker as the typical features of German cars are exhibited in the Passat's interior. The main console is extremely easy to use, as every all new Passat has a responsive and working flawlessly touch screen. The Passat is fully loaded with sophisticated technology which unlike other manufacturers actually works and there are zero problems with it.
The steering wheel is loaded with well placed buttons, which enhance the driving experience of the new Passat. The steering wheel has full bluetooth capability and its highly integrated with the VW infotainment system.
The seats in the all new Passat have been designed with high attention to quality and comfort, as customers can decide on different varieties of seats, however it is a well known fact that the leather is far superior than any other material that is currently offered by OEMs.
The back seat of the Passat is where the VW engineers have really proved that they are one of the best in the world. There is an enormous amount of space in the back seat area of the Passat. It is simply amazing how there is so much leg and body room, when the car does not look nearly as big from the outside. This is where the Passat becomes a great family car as the space in the back allows you to have several kids, and adults that will travel in comfort all day, every day.
When talking about space, we cannot miss to mention that the VW Passat has a huge trunk space, where drivers can fit pretty much anything.
Overall VW has done an amazing job with the Passat's interior and they've proven that quality interiors do not have to come with high price tags.

Volkswagen Passat User Review - Best Features

The VW Passat has an impressive amount of great features which help out enormously with the driving experience. VW have spent a lot of time on the Passat, as the attention to detail for both the interior and the exterior of the car is simply astonishing.

Best Features of the VW Passsat:

  • Technology - the engineers at VW have done a tremendous job incorporating the latest and greatest technologies available on the market today. Bluetooth capability is great as syncing with your smartphone has never been easier, and it works flawlessly. The available phone features of the car have been tested rigorously as the connection between the phone and the car is seamless and always works properly. With features such as automatic update of your phone book, dialing a number from the steering wheel, voice commands that actually work, the phone capabilities of the Passat are fun, reliable and most importantly safe. The Passat infotainment system has been designed with the driver in mind, as the touch screen is the right size with the right button proportions (which makes engagement with infotainment system much safer while driving. There are so many options you can chose to play your music in your car such as: iPod (through AUX), SD Card slot (amazing feature), CD and Bluetooth. The infotainment system is so flexible that it allows the driver to completely customize their driving experience according to their preference. Overall the technology that is available in the VW Passat is top-notch and it always seems to work without any problems.
  • Heated Side Mirrors and Sunroof - the heated side mirrors have been one of my favorite exterior features on the Passat. Both right and left side mirrors are heated which means that you will never have to scrape your side mirrors again. You can always turn the heat on and off, however it is recommended that they are turned on at all times during the winter. The Sunroof, is great for the summer days, as Volkswagen has designed the Sunroof to be slightly larger than the standard dimensions of the other OEMs. The Sunroof is also very reliable and there have never been any problems with its functionality.
  • The VW Passat offers an amazing available inside space in both the passenger cabin and the trunk. All passengers can travel comfortably especially the back seat passengers where there is a tremendous amount of space and leg room. The trunk is huge, as you will be able to fit lots of luggage, bags, sports accessories, and so much more. The inside space makes the Passat the perfect family car. Especially considering the fact that there are nearly a dozen airbags and the car is extremely safe.

The back of the Passat is very sharp looking
The back of the Passat is very sharp looking | Source

Volkswagen Passat User Review - Features That Need Improvement

There are several features that VW can work on in order to make the Passat even a better vehicle. Here are the features and specs which if addressed the Passat will be a leading vehicle not only in the US, but in the worldwide automotive markets.

  • Passat Engine Power - The Passat engine is extremely reliable as it is designed by the legendary German car makers. However the power of the Passat engine needs improvement, as 90% of the Passat trims have either a 2.0 or a 2.5 engine which is not that bad for small vehicles. However the Passat is a large vehicle and without a doubt needs more power.
  • Fuel Economy - The VW Passat fuel economy is rather unimpressive for the SE trim. 23 mi/gallon is not really acceptable for a 2.0 or a 2.5 engine. Passat drivers that have the TDI version would be happy with their fuel economy, however the TDI is much more expansive as well.

These are the only two improvements that VW needs to change on the Passat and once they do it they will see a spike in sales guaranteed.

Volkswagen Passat User Review - Overall Impressions

Overall the VW Passat is a great vehicle for a great price. Both the interior and the exterior are designed with the driver in mind. The design of the new Passat is amazing as the vehicle stands out on the road.
There are lots of rumors regarding the upcoming 2015 Passat, however you will not have to wait for an year, or even two years to get your hands on a great Passat.
If you are in market for a new car and in particular a sedan, you will need to consider the Volkswagen Passat.

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VW Passat Exterior
VW Passat Exterior | Source


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