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2013 Mustang GT... Bargain or just Basement?

Updated on March 31, 2013

Comparing the the new Mustang, Camaro and Challenger is pretty easy, whether you believe in choice or fate you pick one of these cars based on your own personal preconception of looks. And simply Mustang weighs in at around 36 hundred. The 2013 Mustang finally has some improvements yet still maintains the 2005 lines based on the classic lines. A torsen differential is the most noteable alone with a nifty little screen that shows stuff that some say compensates for the fact that it still uses a torsen. The history is brief on the mechanic because it is so simple and needs very little explanation MORE power goes to the wheel with MORE traction and it is mechanical, so which do you perfer blackberry keyboard or touch. Managing about 9G on the skidpad seems like quite miraculous. The '13 has 420 ponies and manages a 4.4 0-60. Although very different classes of cars I can't help but compare it to the 305 hp AWD beast that is the StI. I absolutely love both and would have to drive both to figure out which one I would rather buy if i could ever manage a test drive. But Driveability has to go to the STI and Fun goes to the 2 leading Muscle cars right now, or does it?

SIMPLE explanation if you are 8 you want a Ferrari, when you are 12 and realize you have to pay for it you want a Mustang, when you are 16 and have become a true enthusiast you want the lightest car, Ariel Atom. When you are 18 and old enough to get your SUPER license you want to drive a F1 car on the road. And finally when you are 26 a little tired with a kid on the way you want a reliable sportscar that seats 5 that you can pass off to your wife as a safe family car. Actually the finally you go back to the Ferrari at your'e mid life crisis.

Back to the Mustang. I'm a huge Ford fan but I dread watching the review videos that give me bad analysis' of heavy cars. As a first car the '13 would be fantastic, brilliant. But living with a RWD with 420 hp with a Live rear Axle and only a torsen, well, the dealer is gonna await the phonecall after you wreck with a plea as to why you deserve a refund. Only an insane man would drive this car in the rain, and only a child will take off the traction in the rain.

Time for Ford to move with the times because True enthusiasts are going to press their sales figures!

I hate to Recap others but the British Top Gear perfect analysis of the Mustang

"5000 to upgrade suspension" (I dont believe and neither would you if you have ever google shopped for a pair of 3 way coilovers, and they don't even have 2 way yet....sad)

Whether the Roush is the one to buy or the only one to buy await a proper test of the new STI whenever it comes out


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    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 4 years ago from India

      I like cars though Mustang is not available in India but you have given it a nice review.