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2013 Super Cars

Updated on April 23, 2013

$4.5 Million Hyper-Lambo 0-100KMH in 2.8 seconds

Get in quick fellas – they’re only selling three of these super-slick beasts.

You’ll have more chance of spotting Harold Holt on the road than one of these – it’s the VERY limited edition Lamborghini Veneno, and there are three of them on the planet. Unbelievably, that’s still $13.5 million worth of car! What do you get for your coin? The jealousy of every bloke who ever lived, a lifetime of pussy and some decent specs. It tops out at 356KMH; not as fast as Ferrari’s latest offering, but the Veneno’s quicker off the mark – 0-100 in a blistering 2.8 seconds. But for $4.5 Million, you’d expect to time travel and break the sound barrier.

F1 Car With Number Plates!

The utterly mental 720kW LaFerrari could only go faster if it had jet engines strapped to it, a bargain at only $2 Million.

At last week’s Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari did some-thing they’d never done before – they released a hybrid production car. Yep, just like the Prius, the La Ferrari has two motors – one petrol one electric. But unlike the Prius, they push the car from 0-300KMH in less than 15 seconds. Meanwhile the Toyota’s green machine goes from 0-15 in 300 seconds. The new weapon replaces the 2002 Enzo as the Prancing Horse’s big hitter, and thanks to state of the art tech, it laps the company’s private test track an incredible 5 seconds faster than its predecessor. Sadly, no LaFerrari’s will be on our roads, ‘cos they are all left-hand drive.


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