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The Best of 2013 Car-Tesla Model S

Updated on May 15, 2013

The Best of 2013 Car-Tesla Model S

Best Car 2013
Best Car 2013 | Source

Electric Car- Tesla Model S Best Bet

The sleek design of the interior and exterior of the Tesla S Series car makes it the best buy in North America in 2013. Under the hood, no engine, just a luggage compartment. In back of the vehicle has a hatchback that has more room to hold bags to travel. Leather interior and fold away rear seats that make the room, as you carry passengers comfortably and discreetly to your destination. The tax break you will agree with this vehicle from the government is a real wallet inclination. The dashboard is virtually controlled from the steering column for almost all activities for the Tesla S car. Rear view camera is standard on this model of Tesla. High end electronics to operate BlueTooth applications and other electronic devices. The car is no match with Mercedes or Lexus in sales.

The S Series Tesla is out selling these manufacturer’s at an alarming rate. This vehicle has already sold more units to dealers than any other luxury car on the market. No gear shifting, one gear runs this car that can reach 134MPH out even when needed. The accelerator is fantastic and goes extremely fast from the start up. 0-60 in 6.0 seconds is about as fast as the new Corvette. Powerful electric car has an advantage over European vehicles, and there are planned shipments to Europe coming soon to your country. It’s not a cheap car about 75,000 dollars for a luxury vehicle. Think about the taxes you will recover from owning an electric vehicle.

There is a battery exchange announcement that will change the parameters of the vehicle. We are intensely curious as to what kind of exchange this will mean to the Tesla S series vehicle. The North American car has sold over 4,750 of these 2013 vehicles in the first quarter, exceeding the speculation of only 4,500 the company expected to move. Good news and strong money flow from the times we live in for an automaker to make such a benefit. Maybe the Chevy and GM manufacturers should take notice and speed up their development?

Tesla Motors 2013 S Series Vehicle

Tesla 2013 More Car , More Money
Tesla 2013 More Car , More Money | Source

2. Tesla sales beating Mercedes, BMW and Audi - May. 13, 2013

Tesla S Series 2013, Electric

The zero emissions from this car will make everyone happy. The Tesla S is a high cost luxury car to buy for a consumer and the starting price less some extra items is 57,000 USD. If you include the tax credit, you get with buying electric cars, factor in the 7,500.00 tax credit you will collect and that brings the car to about today's level of 49,500. This is a going price for some of the stock GM vehicles on the road today. Expensive? We would have to say no. Because you have to factor in the benefits, this electric vehicle has verses a gas engine. The less stress one will have with electric motors has been proven beneficial to consumers. The environment could be cleaned one day at a time or should we add one Tesla S Series 2013 model at a time.

Cars and trucks have high prices, and somehow there seems to be an influx in buying right now. The money is coming from middle class to high end money earning consumers. It’s surprising to see how many cars in 2013 that are actually purchased when the economy and job statistics show a downward spiral. Where is all this money coming from?

The fact is that there were more Tesla S Series cars purchased than any similar luxury gasoline vehicle on the market today says a lot. The German auto makers are ruching to try to gain acceptance of their vehicles to out perform the number of Tesla S Series motor cars for 2013. We will have to see what progresses in the future with this highly successful campaign of new vehicles. The government will pay attention to the market and trends that automakers are establishing for our benefit. The tax incentives are not the only reason to buy this Tesla S Series Model car, it should wake up to the advantages of the world we live in that is deteriorating our country. Congrats to the Tesla Motor Manufacturer for making an affordable luxury item for our pocket books and the environment. It can be done, is what this manufacturer has just told people, and it works.


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