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2018 Ford Expedition - first spy shots

Updated on January 10, 2017

The Ford Expedition in its current form is a large F-series Ford with three rows of seats and the ability to go off-road. We’ve been saying it needs an update for the longest time now and our wishes are soon going to come true. The Expedition is set to receive the F-150 treatment (aluminum body), and we’re extremely glad because of that.

You may think it’s silly making such a large car lighter by installing aluminum body panels but bear with us. People have always bought personal minibuses, trucks and pickups and they will undoubtedly continue to do so, even if the gas prices rise to more than $3 per gallon. This is just a fact. The large SUVs and pickups aren’t going anywhere for a long time, even in the face of global warming and such environmental concerns. Which is why now it is more important than ever to cut down on weight. Keeping weight down reduces fuel consumption which in turns cuts down on harmful exhaust gasses. Not to mention the added bonus of a much nimbler vehicle.

The Expedition is probably going to maintain the same exterior appearance (with slight differences) and that’s fine by us. It’s an iconic design and why change it right? We completely agree. What really excites us is the thought of an EcoBoost Expedition. Again, bear with us.

We all saw what the EcoBoost Mustang did and to think we all doubted it. It’s a full second faster to 60 mph than the V6 Challenger. A lighter Expedition paired with a light EcoBoost four-cylinder may actually perform better than the current range of V6 engines. The fully aluminum body is expected to shed some 500 pounds from the curb weight, an incredible weight saving if they do manage to do it.

We can’t report on much else as there isn’t anything to go by. The few exterior shots we’ve had don’t tell much and there are still no interior ones. We can say it rides on 22 inch alloy wheels with aggressive profile and it’ll likely be offered in the same 8 trims it’s offered with now. We don’t know what the competition’s planning but it better be good by the time the new Expedition makes its debut.

Expedition or Bronco

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We’re expecting a slightly less powerful reaction than the aluminum F-150’s debut since we’ve already seen it and we know it is coming but just think about it, a large seven seater SUV with an all-aluminum structure. That sounds crazy doesn’t it?

Realase date?

In the meantime there’s the current generation Expedition for everyone who can’t wait for the new one to go on sale. We still have quite some time before we see it let alone be able to buy it.

So, when is release date of 2018 Ford Expedition ?

Ford says it’ll likely come sometime mid 2017 but here’s hoping they hurry the debut so that we at least get a chance to see it sooner.


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