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Project 2JZGTE Toyota Corolla

Updated on July 5, 2017
A 2JZ GTE VVTI Twin Turbo Engine
A 2JZ GTE VVTI Twin Turbo Engine

The Monster 2JZ-GTE

The perfect project engine swap for a Toyota Corolla would be a 2JZ-GTE from a Toyota Supra. There were two versions and both were DOHC motors. There was a non vvti and a vvti version of the 2JZ-GTE. Newer versions of this motor came with vvti and had other minor updates. Both versions were very popular at their time.

The 2JZ-GTE were 3.0 L (2997 cc) iron block piston motors. They were turbocharged inline 6 motors from Toyota’s JZ power train. The engines were produced from 1990 until 2007. The bore and strokes of the engines were 86 mm. Both versions of the 2JZ-GTE output were between 227-321hp, with up to 320 ft•lb of torque at a given rpm. High power ratings depended on the engine itself. Both versions had a compassion ratio of 8.5:1. Both versions were designed to improve performance and fuel efficiency. There are now JDM versions of the motors with several appearances and setups.

Is It Possible To Swap A 2JZ-GTE Into A Toyota Corolla?

A 2JZ-GTE swap is one of the most sickest and craziest swaps that Toyota has to offer. A 2JZ-GTE is never a direct swap to just any car. The motor itself is very long and it needs a proper set up. The wiring setup is very challenging and the swapping of the motor itself is not similar to V8. All the proper equipment from the donated car including transmission is needed for a successful swap. This swap requires a lot of customization and a proper chassis conversion. 2JZ-GTE swaps were done to a racing 7th Gen Corolla, 3rd Gen Tercel, 7th Gen Celica, and a "FWD" Mitsubishi Eclipse.


The 2JZ-GTE Is In It's Own League!

Like the 1UZ-FE, a modified 2JZ-GTE is also a monster of a motor in it's own league. Keep in mind a 2JZ-GTE is not a V6, V8, or inline 4. A 2JZ-GTE is an inline 6 and the motor is known for it's serious power output. A healthy 2JZ-GTE is said to be bullet proof. The motor can be tweaked for more power over stock. The power that it has stocked would be a lot of power for a modern Toyota Corolla. There are a lot of costumed aftermarket performance parts for the 2JZ-GTE via internet.


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