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3 Factors That Can Negatively Affect the Life of the Car Battery

Updated on December 24, 2017

Most car batteries will last anywhere from three to five years although some can last over six years. Once the car battery starts malfunctioning, so will many other aspects of the car. Car owners should pay attention to the condition of their car’s battery to determine whether it needs to be inspected or even replaced. Here are 3 factors that can negatively affect the life of the car battery.

Taking the Car on Short Trips

Many drivers are not aware that short trips can actually cause the car’s battery life to wear down much more quickly. Those who take short trips often won’t give their battery sufficient time to recharge. When this happens time and time again, it will shorten the overall life expectancy of the car battery. In general, short car trips are car trips that take less than 20 minutes.

It’s usually best to avoid taking short car trips as much as possible. For shorter trips, it might be a better idea to either just walk or to take the public transit. Some drivers may opt to drive their car for a little bit longer just to give it ample time to recharge.

Putting the Car Under the Sun or in High Heat Environments

Another factor that can negatively impact the life expectancy of a car battery is if it is left in extreme weather conditions. Hot, summer days can easily kill a battery. Scorching temperatures easily shorten battery lives. The same can be said for extremely cold temperatures as well. Freezing temperatures have also been known to negatively impact battery life.

To prevent the battery life from being affected by temporal conditions, it is best to store cars in the garage or in an enclosed space. Avoid parking it on the side of the road on hot, summer days or at night during the winter.

Purchasing a Car from a Certain Region

Surprisingly, the last factor that may affect the life expectancy of a car battery is the region that the car was purchased in. This has an effect on the quality of the battery, and the type of battery used at times. Luckily, there are many websites that keep track of this information.

Go online to find out what the average life expectancy for a car battery may be in a certain area. This can help car owners determine when to bring their vehicle in for a checkup.


Be safe by having the car battery tested and inspected regularly. It’s a good idea to start looking for special deals and promotions as the expiry date approaches.


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