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3 Rules to Establish for Teens to Keep New Cars Looking and Smelling Like New for Even Longer

Updated on December 25, 2017

Many parents consider purchasing a vehicle for their kids to be a test of their ability to be responsible. This is especially true when it comes to new cars. Maintaining a new car is not easy although it’s not difficult either. It simply takes some consistent effort and work. Parents who are purchasing new cars for their kids, and would like the cars to be maintained in optimal condition should consider setting the following three rules before signing any contract or lease.

Clean the Floor Mats on a Regular Basis

It’s easy for dirt and dust to get stuck on the floor mats. Mud on the bottom of shoes can get trekked into the new cars. It’s also easy for crumbs to fall onto the carpets. One of the first rules that parents should set is the amount of cleaning that the car will need.

While it’s important to wipe down all interior surfaces, the most taxing job is to clean the floor mats. The floor of the car is usually the first place to get dirty. There are many different ways that the floor mats and carpets can be cleaned. Some methods include taking the mats out to shake off as much dirt and possible. It may also involve vacuuming the carpet each week or each month.

Get Rid of Garbage and Clutter in the Back

Once the dealership hands the car keys over to the teens, they usually forget that having a vehicle is a privilege. As a result, they often start to leave their own personal belongings behind in the vehicle. This might include textbooks, jackets, and even food wrappers. Another good rule to set is that the car should be cleaned out by the end of each day. Garbage should be removed from the vehicles and tossed into a trash bin, while personal items should be brought into the house.

This is not only beneficial in keeping new cars clean, but it also makes the cars less of a target for burglars and thieves. This is especially true if the vehicles are usually parked outside. Enforce this rule by checking up on the vehicle every now and then.

Use and Replace the Air Freshener

Prevent the vehicle from smelling disgusting by using an air freshener. Set rules regarding when the air freshener needs to be replaced. Some air fresheners will show the amount of fragrance it contains inside. Have the kids replace the air freshener whenever it runs out.

Set rules before agreeing to get a car. It’s important that the kids understand what their responsibilities are.


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