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3 Simple Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Motorcycle Battery

Updated on June 20, 2012

Your motorcycle battery is just one component in a whole string of components on your bike. They all have to be cared for properly in order to maintain the good condition of your bike, but all too often the battery is neglected. This is especially so if it is a sealed unit, but just because it is sealed does not mean it won't benefit from a little care and attention.

Motorcycle batteries are smaller and lighter than their counterparts in cars, vans and other larger vehicles. This means they are more susceptible to differing temperature conditions. They are also more prone to getting wet from rain as they tend to be more exposed. It is for these reasons that you should start caring for your battery. It will prolong its life and save you money too.

1. Start by storing your motorcycle in dry conditions, a garage if possible. You should also ensure that the garage or shed is cool, or at least, not too hot, if possible. You don't really want it to be too cold either, so maintaining an even dry temperature is the best if possible. Basically, avoid extreme cold, extreme heat, and as little rain as you can.

2. Keep your motorcycle battery fully charged at all times. This is easy if you use your bike every day, but many of us are weekend bikers, which leaves a week with your bike lying idle. That's time enough for a battery to discharge and go flat, or at least discharge below a usable level. This will put stress on the battery when you have to charge it, probably at a fast charge to get it going as quickly as possible.

It is much better to get a good battery charger and keep the battery connected to it when you bike is not in use. Use a trickle charge and make sure your charger shuts off when the battery reaches it's full charge. Another useful feature for your charger is the ability to switch back on should the battery's charge drop again. This makes the whole procedure completely hands free.

3. Make sure that the terminals of your battery are clean and well greased at all times. Dry corroded battery terminals can cause damage, and besides, it's much easier to remove and replace the terminals when they are clean and greased. This will also help to prolong the life of your battery.

Keeping your motorcycle battery in the best condition you can is not difficult. It won't take up much of your time either, but it will save you money and allow your battery to give useful life for much longer than otherwise. Starting off with the best battery will help too. MotoBatt batteries, for example, will give you a long and faithful life.


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