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3 Things to Discuss with Your Kids Before Buying Them a Car

Updated on December 26, 2017

For many parents, getting their kids a car comes with a lot of anxiety and stress. After all, inexperienced drivers are much more likely to get into accidents on the road. The kids should understand that having a vehicle is a privilege and a luxury. Before handing over the car keys, here are 3 things that parents should discuss with their kids either at home or at the car dealership.

Rules on Driving Friends and Others Around

Most teenagers are excited to drive their friends around upon getting a new car. They don’t understand that they are responsible for all of the people that are in their vehicle. With that said, many parents often will lay down some rules on what their teens can do when it comes to driving their friends around.

Some parents may restrict the amount of passengers that can be in the car, while others may allow their kids to only drive their friends before certain hours. It’s up to the parents to decide what the expectations and ground rules should be.

Guidelines on Responsibilities, such as Cleaning and Tank Fill-Ups

Having a car is also a lot of work. It’s not only fun and games. Parents should also discuss what responsibilities each kid will have with the car. For example, it might be wise to create a cleaning schedule, so the kids take turn cleaning the car. Parents should also discuss the amount of servicing that each car needs with a car dealer. It’s important to determine whether the kids will be responsible for getting the car serviced.

Other responsibilities include filling up the tank, checking the tire pressure and more. The kids should sit down with a salesman to learn more about the different responsibilities they will need to take on to keep the car in tip top shape.

Other Requirements, such as Grade Maintenance

Having a vehicle is a luxury that the kids should earn. This might include maintaining perfect attendance at school and getting certain grades. Parents will need to sit down to discuss what type of requirements may seem most reasonable and feasible for their children.

It’s also important to establish what the consequences may be. For example, the consequence for failing grades may be not getting to drive the car until the grades have improved.


It’s vital that both parents and children fully understand what the expectations are before signing an agreement at a car dealership. Both parties need to know what is expected of them, and what responsibilities they have. After all, a vehicle is quite an expensive purchase.


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