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327 Crate Engines - Power for Chevy

Updated on November 22, 2010

The Chevy 327 crate engine is very similar in nature and components to the much loved Chevy 350 crate engine.

The Chevy 327 (1962) predates the Chevy 350 (1967) by a few years, but turns out a vastly different horsepower in the 327 compared with the 350.

The Chevy 327 crate engine is designed with a 4.00 inch depth x 3.25 inches width bore and is fitted standar with a set of 82.5 mm pistons travelling a distance of 101.60 millimetres per stroke. The Chevy 350 block has slightly bigger bore dimension increasing the cubic inches of engine size, but loses most of its power with less compression in piston travel.

The Chevy 327 Crate engine, although an older model motor, incorporates a set of high compression pistons into almost the same small block V8 base assembly, enabling the gases to be compressed for a larger explosive power at ignition point in the piston chamber.

So in essence the Chevy 327 is going to produce much bigger torque numbers at similar revs to the Chevy 350. 

More on Chevy 327 small block engines

The Chevy 327 Crate engine is in most cases chosen by restoration muscle car enthusiaists choosing to get the perfect period set up for their 60's Chevy Muscle Car. It can become an important decision when deciding whether you want an older high performance 327 or a more popular dependable combination in the 350.

Personally, I believe that the Chevy 327 as a crate engine is a performance based motor package to start with due the way the compression ratios were designed for the small block V8. If I had to choose an engine paltform to build off of, then I would have to say the 350.

The reason I say this is because of the adjustments that the larger cubic inch motor can handle with aluminum cylinder heads. Preparing to cool a 327 Chevy engine that is anything other than its original bore and stroke is difficult to customise and should only be done by professional engine builders with milling and engineering machinery on hand in their workshop.

1962 -1967 small block Chevy V8 platforms are still easy to find

Take these rebuilt and remanufactured Chevy 327 block for example. You can expect to find one for under $3000. Add a couple of hundred dollars for a decent set of aluminum cylinder heads, some good aftermarket valve covers and throw on a serpentine belt system and you will probably still come in close to that of a crate engine.

So feel free to go through the full list of automotive parts catalogs and crate engines by clicking any of them to view all that is available.

These units are form Hiperformer and are supplied with a 7 year/ 100000 mile warantee and have been built by professionals engineers for 35 years.

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This article forms part of a series regarding crate engines, remanufactured engines and rebuilt motors. You can read more on various Chevy, Ford and Mopar small block and big block V8 engines.

Ihope there was some useful information and options for you to choose from. Please feel free to rate it and leave your comments.

Please leave a comment on what parts and components you favor in your engine build

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