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35 Euro Cars That Can Save America: # 23 - Mitsubishi Colt

Updated on September 30, 2008


Fortunately the only thing in common that this little Mitsubishi has with the American Colts of days long gone is the name. The old Colts were manifestly horrible little crapmobiles which were guaranteed to blow their head gaskets as soon as the odometer creeped up just a touch. This Colt is an all new design which offers decent performance with slightly below average fuel economy for this class. It's also just a bit too pricey, especially when compared to some of the better values in the Euro economy car market.


The Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 1.1 CZ1 3 Door is estimated to carry a North American net sale price of $11,357.38, given the prevailing market pricing of similar automobiles. Its 1124 cc engine powers the car to a top speed of 103 MPH and an acceleration shown by a zero to sixty MPH time of 13.4 seconds. The performance factor of 10.9 is average for its class. The Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 1.1 CZ1 3 Door returns 58.9 MPG in highway driving, 38.7 MPG in the city, and a combined loop mileage of 49.6. With a fuel tank capacity of 10.3 gallons, the car can travel 607 miles on a full tank of unleaded regular fuel, but when it's filled right up to the top of the fuel filler neck, the total range should be approximately 731 miles. When all these price, performance and mileage factors are taken into consideration, the Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 1.1 CZ1 3 Door scores a combined Practicality Index of 71, with 100 representing the best, most practical car available and 1 representing a Hummer H3.


Mitsubishi Colt Hatchback 1.1 CZ1 3 Door •





Body Style • Hatchback

Doors • Number of • 3

Seats • Number of • 5

Engine Displacement (cc) & Cylinders • 1124 / 3

Valves • Number of • 12

Type of Fuel • Unleaded

Maximum Power (bhp @ rpm) • 74 / 6000

Torque (lb / ft) • 74

Wheel Drive • Front

Overall Length (mm) • 3820

Overall Width (mm) • 1695

Overall Height (mm) • 1520

Front Seat Head Room (mm) • 995

Front Seat Leg Room (mm) • 1095

Rear Seat Head Room (mm) • 915

Rear Seat Knee Room (mm) • 750

Trunk Capacity Seats Up (litres) • 155

Trunk Capacity Seats Down (litres) • 760

Turning Radius (m) • 5.4

Towing Capacity (kg) • 750

Curb Weight (kg) • 930


0 to 60 MPH (secs) • 13.4

Top speed (MPH) • 103



Alloy Rims / Wheels • Option Not Available

Metallic Exterior Paint • $295.00


Automatic Transmission • Option Not Available

Central Locking System • Standard Equipment

Remote Locking System • Standard Equipment

Power Assisted Steering • Standard Equipment

Seat Belt Pre-Tensioners • Standard Equipment

Driver Side Air Bag • Standard Equipment

Passenger Side Air Bag • Standard Equipment

Center Mounted Three Point Seat Belt • Standard Equipment

Anti Lock (ABS) Brakes • Standard Equipment

Deadlock • Standard Equipment

Vehicle Immobilizer • Standard Equipment

Visible VIN • Standard Equipment

Secure Spare Tire • Standard Equipment

Locking Wheel Lugs • Option Not Available

Side Impact Safety Bars • Standard Equipment

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers • Option Not Available

Adaptive Cruise Speed Control • Option Not Available

Lane Departure Alarm • Option Not Available

Parking Sensor For Front • Option Not Available


Leather Surface Seats • Option Not Available

Adjustable Steering Height • Standard Equipment

Power Steering • Option Not Available

Adjustable Seat Height • Standard Equipment

Adjustable Power Seats • Option Not Available

Air Conditioning • $595.00

Split Folding Rear Seats • Standard Equipment

Power Front Windows • Standard Equipment

Power Moonroof • $450.00

Manual Moonroof • Option Not Available

Power Sunroof • Option Not Available

Remote Folding Mirrors • Option Not Available


Hands Free Cell Phone • Option Not Available

Satellite GPS Navigation • Option Not Available

Radio • Option Not Available

Radio With RDS • Standard Equipment

Theft Proof Radio • Standard Equipment

iPod / MP3 Connector • Option Not Available

Bluetooth Enabled • Option Not Available


City MPG • 38.7

Highway MPG • 58.9

Combined MPG • 49.6

Fuel Tank Capacity (gallons) • 10.3

Carbon Dioxide Rating (g / km) • 135

Carbon Footprint Offset Cost • $20.00

Eco Rating • C

Insurability Grouping • 3

Estimated Average Insurance • $304.00

Percentage Value Retained (3 Years / 36,000 mi) • 32.00%

Estimated Average Monthly Lease Cost • $214.00

Maintenance Factor • 28

Estimated Maintenance Cost Over 3 Years • $913.00

Maintenance Intervals • 6,000 mi

Manufacturer's Warranty Term • 3 Year / Unlimited Mileage


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    • profile image

      sidemirror 7 years ago

      Hi i see your hub this is nice.If you want a best passenger side mirror please visit our site.

    • profile image

      Dallas Graham, Australia 7 years ago

      With regard to my above comment, the 52,000 is MILES which equates to about 84,000 kilometres. I might also add that since owning this car ALL driving has been done with the air conditioning turned on.


      Dallas Graham. Queensland, Australia.

    • profile image

      Dallas Graham, Australia. 7 years ago

      I own a Mitsubishi Colt four door hatchback, 1.5 litre engine with a CVT (absolutely fabulous) automatic transmission, the great advantage being that when cruising at 80 mph on the freeway, the motor is ticking over at only 2200 rpm. I am at a loss as to why more cars do not use CVT. I mostly drive around the city and my fuel consumption averages 40mpg. The car has only done 52,000 and to this stage has been 100% reliable. I often think, with your gas being roughly half the price we pay here, how inexpensive it would be to drive in America. I can thoroughly recommend buying this car if it ever reaches your country.


      Dallas Graham. Queensland, Australia.