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350 Crate Engines

Updated on November 25, 2010

The Chevy 350 Crate Engine

The Chevy 350 is now a household name due to Chevrolet producing over 90 million motors since its inception in 1967. Chevrolet under the General Motors banner, still produce the 350 Chevy small block in Mexico to this day due to its popularity amongst the hot rod and street rodding community.

For those who do not know their crate engines as much as some, the Chevy 350 has always been based around the small block Chevy V8 as a 5.7 litre motor. The Chevy 350 crate engine is offered as a basic V8 platform to work form using cast iron heads and a standard set of pistons allowing for future rebore and sleeving for larger racing pistons and pushing the limits on compression ratios. 

Chevy 350 V8 Crate engines

350 chevy crate engines
350 chevy crate engines

The Chevy 350 crate engine has been used in most of the Chevrolet vehicles requiring a V8 engine package since 1968. If it is a Chevy coupe or sedan from the 1960's or 1970's era, it more than likely had a 5.7 litre 350 cubic inch V8 Chevy small block in it.

Because you have decided to go for a crate engine as your replacement engine or rebuilt motor, you need to bear in mind that many crate engines for sale will not have all the external engine parts available with the crate engine sale.

If you are considering a complete overhaul of the engine bay in your Chevy or Muscle car, you need to have cogniscance that the crate engine is not where it stops. The cooling system is extremely important in keeping this high horsepower motor cool, otherwise consider it many dollars wasted on your new crate engine.

Performance engine parts are just that. If you want your new crate engine to run at its peak performance, then shell out a few extra dollars for some new hoses and have the radiator recored.Avoid disappointment.


350 Crate Engine remanufactured or rebuilt

remanufactured or rebuilt 350 crate engines
remanufactured or rebuilt 350 crate engines

The basic 350 Crate Engine package

The basic crate motor will usually be supplied with the following;

The Block

The internal performance parts generally making up the 350 block are the crankshaft (usually counterweighted and balanced ), the bearings holding the oil journals and piston rods to the crankshaft and then the piston configuration selected for compression choice. The oil sump will have various oil pickup points and angles for specific oil flow and may even have an external oil flow system incorporated for improved flow.

The Heads

The cylinder head will house the main performance mechanisms to give effect to the most changes in your engine configuration. The pump or race gas inlet valves and exhaust gas valves work off the lobes on the camshaft (position angles) which in turn determines exactly when they will open and close directly affecting the compression ratio of the engine. You can actually have the incorrect configuration which will cause you motor to run inefficiently and have massive horsepower losses. So don't tinker unless you know what you are doing.

The headers and manifolds

A V8 motor has a v-shaped block with four barrels and pistons on each side which means it has quite a large surface area looking from the top and sides. So when choosing your inlet manifolds, be sure that there is suitable deck clearance once you have added the carburettors or fuel injection systems.Perhaps a magnusson blower finds its way onto your Chevy crate engine on your are stuck for space. Then you know what happens next, a new air intake on your bonnet lid to get the extra height.

The Pulley system

Running an AC and/or power steering components do change the configuration of the types of water pumps used on the belt system portion of the engine. Brackets are designed for specific purposes as are serpentine belt systems. You cant have a flat belt pulley and then a toothed pulley next to it. So figure out what engine parts are you are going to need for the new crate motor.

350 rebuilt remanufactured crate engines

remanufactured rebuilt or crate engines
remanufactured rebuilt or crate engines

A must have for all musscle car owners - for just uner $40 it will never go to waste

Other v8 enthusiasts have ordered these items as essential to every home workshop

Looking to build your own 350 Chevy motor with performance aluminum heads - then click one of these for the full range - definitely cheaper than crate engines

This should give you some direction with the Chevy 350 Crate engine options or if you feel enthusiastic like most Chevy owners, then clear a space in your garage at home and make space for a workbench and the V8 engine cradle and start to put together a better performance package for your Chevy.


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