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351 Crate Engines - Suggested Ford power plants

Updated on October 10, 2010

Ford 351 Crate Engines - rebuilt and remanufactured

The Ford company has always produced a competitive muscle car engine and after more than a hundred years still competes with Chevy and Mopar engines on the street and track.

Some folks just love the Ford compared to the Chevy and Mopar, perhaps due to their younger years experiencing the hot rod era of the 30's to 50's hotrod conversion on many neighborhood Fords.

The Ford 351 Cubic inch crate engine is chosen by owners of Ford Mustangs, Ford Galaxies, Ford F Series Trucks and the odd Torino and was also a standard engine in the 1970's for Ford Cougars and Ford Montegos.

In the same way that a vintage ford lover will cross the ends of the earth to find an original deuce V8 flathead motor, the 351 Ford crate engine is much the same for 70's Ford lovers looking for an original Ford 351 Windsor.

With Ford racing being backed for many years by the likes of names like Caroll Shelby and Rousch Performance engines, there are still many performance parts readily available for engine upgrades and performance engine building.

Even though Caroll Shelby is talked about by some as being more of a designer in nature, putting the ever popular Shelby GT Mustang and the powerful Shelby Cobra together, he is truly one of the greatest engine builders ever and was hardly a beatable contender on the salt flats in the days of Vic Edelbrock Snr. It must have been an amazing time to be a fly on the wall around the tuning garages of the fifties and sixties performance engine parts era.

5.8 litre 351 Ford engines

The Ford V8 was originally designed as a flathead and some muscle car enthusiasts still say that the valve covers seal very difficultly. The Ford 5.8litre V8 is still a good engine choice for all round horsepower at reasonably low revs.

As far as Ford goes in the performance parts department, some claim that there is more variety when it comoes to performance parts and modifications with a Ford motor and prefer the placement of the ignition system compared to a chevy. This leaves more room between the firewall and the motor.

The progress made with intake manifolds and headers for Ford racing engines is a step in the right direction giving much more options for compiling a competitive 9 second car. The Ford windsor engine is still a favorite for sreet and strip engines alike.

Some must have Ford performance manuals


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