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Project 3RZFE Toyota Corolla

Updated on July 5, 2017
Side View Of A 3RZ-FE
Side View Of A 3RZ-FE

3RZ-FE The Truck Motor!

Here is another awesome swap for any Toyota Corolla. You can swap in a 3RZ-FE from a Toyota Tacoma. The 3RZ-FE is a 2.7L inline 4 DOHC motor at (2,693 cc). It is an all aluminum piston block motor from Toyota’s RZ power train. Production begin in 1994 up until 2009. The 3RZ-FE has a bore and stroke 95 mm. The engine has an output of 150hp, with up to 177 ft•lb of torque at a given rpm. The 3RZ-FE has a compassion ratio of 9.5.1. Later versions had minor updates. The motor was designed to improve power performance and fuel efficiency. The 3RZ-FE has several appearances and there are JDM versions of this motor.

Will The Inline 4 Fit?

A 3RZ-FE swap will never be a direct swap for just any car. Everything is different including the electronics. All the proper equipment from the donated car including transmission is needed for a successful swap. This swap requires a lot of customization and it may include a better chassis conversion. 3RZ-FE swaps were done to many Tercels, Yaris, Celica, Scion TCs and oldschool Corollas. The swap was impressively done to a racing 9th Gen Corolla.


The aftermarket for this motor is pretty strong. A modified forced inducted 3RZ-FE can make serious power. Like all forged motors they can make well over 1000+hp. They can produce decent power over stock with monstrous torque. Many daily running motors can spit out 242hp/260 lbs of toque. That’s with a decent turbo kit or TRD Supercharger kit. The 3RZ-FE can make ridiculous power for cars like the Corolla.

A Sided Alpine TRD Supercharger
A Sided Alpine TRD Supercharger

Get A TRD Alpine Supercharger!

There are Alpine Supercharger kits for the 3RZ-FE 1995-2004 Toyota Tacomas. Power can be made anywhere from 182-225hp with up to 240+ lbs of torque. Other electronics and engine modifications can increase power from 225-230+hp.

Rumors have it that these superchargers can be rebuilt to produce more power. Based on the year of engine, the supercharger is completely bolt-on. It can be custom fitted, if parts were ever missing. Minor customization is needed for this swap.

Still many people would rebuild their engines for total reliably. Still, we are dealing with a 3RZ-FE. All the proper equipment from the donated car including transmission is needed for a successful swap.


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