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5 Clear Warning Signs That the Car Battery Needs to Be Replaced

Updated on December 24, 2017

In general, car batteries usually last anywhere from two to five years after the car has left the lot of a new car dealership. Car owners who have purchased the vehicle outright and are interested in driving it for quite some time should keep an eye out for needed repairs.

In particular, they should keep an eye out on the condition of the car battery. It’s best to bring it in for an inspection before it needs to be replaced. Here are 5 clear signs that the car battery is fizzling out and needs to be replaced.

The Check Engine Light Is Always On

Oddly enough, one of the first signs that a car battery is fizzling out is when the check engine light is always on. This happens because the battery is weak, and is not supplying enough electricity to the engine. There’s nothing wrong with the engine whatsoever. Most car owners will have already brought their vehicle into an auto shop to check.

The Battery Fluid Level Is Low

Most car batteries will have a plastic casing that shows the battery fluid level. If the fluid levels drop below the lead plates, there’s a good chance that the battery and the charging system may need to be inspected and tested.

The Engine Is Turning On Much More Slowly

When driving the car out of a new car dealership, pay attention to how quickly the engine turns on after it has been cranked. With time, car owners will notice that the cranking of the engine will become more and more sluggish. It will take longer and longer for the car to start. This usually indicates that the battery needs to be tested and inspected. In most cases, the battery will also need to be replaced.

The Battery Case Looks Swollen and Bloated

Another telltale sign that the battery needs to be replaced is when the battery case looks swollen and bloated. This happens when the battery life decreases. The battery will start to look like it was left for too long under the sun.

The Battery Is Quite Old

After purchasing the vehicle, the new car dealer will usually give a ballpark figure as to when the battery may need to be replaced. The dealer will usually be right. Have the battery inspected yearly after it has reached three years old.


Keep an eye out for signs that the battery needs to be inspected and replaced. Car owners who wait for too long before dealing with the battery will often find that the situation has worsened and that the failed battery has also affected other parts of the car.


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