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5 Great Windshield Sun Shades

Updated on July 18, 2014

Windshield Sun Shades Help Lower the Interior Temperature of Your Car

During the summer you can have a mental breakdown simply from the thought of having to get in your car after it has been sitting in a parking lot for an entire afternoon. There are some ways to help reduce the heat in your car such as cracking the windows and parking in the shade.

But a great way to reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle is with windshield sun shades. Some sun shades do not perform well due to several factors. Some do not stay in place very well while some do not cover the entire windshield. Others are simply made with an inferior quality.

There are some very good windshield sun shades, and here are some of the best.


The Heatshield is perhaps the best windshield sun shade available. It is more expensive than other shades, but it is worth every penny.

The Heatshield is custom made to fit the windshield of virtually every vehicle model. This eliminates the problem of a windshield sun shade not covering the entire windshield. The Heatshield is held in place with the sun visors.

A Heatshield will reduce the interior temperature of your vehicle by as much as 40 degrees, with the average being 25 degrees. This is due to a patented metallic polyester film that reflect the rays of the sun.

Zebra Print Windshield Sun Shades

People love animal print car accessories, and zebra print windshield sun shades are no exception. The zebra striped sun shade shown here is made by Unique Automotive Accessories. It is one panel that measures 28 x 67 inches.

If you like to show your style, and animal prints are your style, then this sun shade is a great idea.

Auto Expressions, a maker of car accessories, sells windshield sun shades called Magic Shades. The two types of Magic Shades are the Altus Platinum and Basix. They are very similar and are different in just their look.

The Magic Shades come in a pair of sun shades and twist to fold down and store. The twist can be difficult to master, but after a few tries it is quite simple.

They come in both a jumbo and standard size, so be sure to take a look at which size fits better with your windshield.

Winplus Windshield Sun Shade

Lastly, the Winplus windshield sun shade is great because when you purchase one, you also receive side window sun shades, which can be a great way to keep the sun off of things in the backseat, such as a car seat. I know I hated to put my son in the car when his car seat was too hot, and the Winplus sun shades help keep the sun out of his seat.

These sun shades also come in different sizes, and the Winplus website can help you decide which size you need.

Staying Cool During the Hot Summer Months

Windshield sun shades are a terrific way to keep your car cool - and keep your cool - during the hot summer months. Hopefully as you run around town you can worry about the errands you have to run and not your car's air conditioner.

Take a look at the sun shades available here and see if they fit your needs.


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