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5 Must-Have Safety Features to Look for When Purchasing a Car for a Kid

Updated on December 24, 2017

Purchasing a vehicle for a kid in the family is always exciting news and business. While it’s great to give them a little freedom, it’s also quite a worrisome experience for many parents. They become concerned about whether their kids are driving safely on the road, and whether they will be able to avoid getting into any accidents. This is especially true since new drivers, who do not have much experience on the road, are some of the most frequent people to get into accidents.

As a result, most parents seek cars that possess certain safety features. Here are 5 features that will definitely enhance the safeness of a vehicle.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Many new drivers have difficulties reacting on time. As a result, it’s a good idea to find a car with automatic emergency braking. This feature helps the vehicle sense obstructions ahead. In the event that the brakes are not initialized on time, the vehicle will brake on its own.

Forward-Collision Warning

Another great feature that prevents forward accidents is the forward-collision warning. This system uses radars and lasers to assess and monitor the road conditions ahead. In the event that they sense that the vehicle may collide with whatever is ahead or in the event that they sense that there’s something ahead, it will activate warning alerts.

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Those who forget to shoulder check will often miss their blind spot. It’s easy to accidentally clip a vehicle in that area. The blind-spot monitoring system will light up the side mirrors to remind drivers to look at their blind spot. They will also send out alerts if they sense that there’s something there. This feature is found in almost all vehicles.

Backup Cameras

As most teenagers still don’t have much experience with vehicles, they are likely to bump into obstacles behind them when backing up. The backup cameras prevent this from happening. It’s similar to having eyes on the back of one’s head. In addition to being a safety feature, it also makes it a lot easier to back up into parking spaces and tight spots.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alerts

One of the last safety features to look for is a rear cross-traffic alert. These alerts will monitor the back of the vehicle for oncoming traffic and people when backing out of parking spaces. It prevents minor accidents from happening.


When purchasing a car for a teenager, it’s important to consider all of the various safety features that are offered. Most parents would agree that the more safety features that a vehicle has, the safer and better it is.


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