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5 NASCAR DVDs Every Fan Needs

Updated on November 10, 2011

If you like racing or NASCAR, you have no excuse for not having some of the top racing DVDs in your collection. Some of the biggest names in the sport, including Dale Earnhardt Junior, have their own discs. The discs show the drivers away from the track, at home, and even the early days when they first started out.

The best thing about NASCAR DVDs is that you have the opportunity to relive some of your favorite moments, even after the season is long over. Even if your favorite driver does not have his own disc, you can still enjoy some of his top moments on the track. You never know, you might even turn a non-fan into a fan after watching one of these.

Dale Jr. - Any Given Day

Dale Earnhardt Junior is one of the starts in the NASCAR world, despite never winning a championship. This DVD shows his life away from the track and what he does when he is not racing. The disc shows you that his public persona doesn’t match the real man. While he does have a refrigerator full of beer, he also spends time with his family, loves being an uncle, and is a mama’s boy. If you are looking for full throttle racing, skip this one because it only focuses on a few races. Any Given Day focuses more on his private life. I wasn’t a fan of Dale Jr. before and I’m still not a fan, but I found the DVD highly entertaining. If nothing else, watch the discs for the humorous outtakes involving his pet cat.


The Ultimate NASCAR DVD from ESPN is a bit of a cheat because there are actually four discs in the set. Each disc covers a different part of racing, including the biggest rivalries, racing on the dirt, its early start, the hottest drivers, and the best moments in racing. I cannot name just one disc because each one is awesome for a NASCAR fan. Kick back with a cold beer, watch the DVDs back to back, and you have the perfect way to waste a rainy day.

Tony Stewart Smoke

Tony Stewart fans refer to him as “Smoke”, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he picked that as the title for his DVD. The Smoke DVD is a little different from the Dale Junior one because it delves more into his life before racing, or his life before NASCAR. Watching the DVD, you get the feeling that Stewart has never met a car he didn’t like. The DVD was filmed before he purchased the Eldora Speedway, but you still see his experiences on the dirt. This DVD is a must have for any Stewart fan.

NASCAR - The IMAX Experience

The NASCAR IMAX film is the kind of DVD that appeals to anyone with a passing interest in racing. Though it originally aired on a much larger screen, the feeling still comes across when watching it at home. The biggest complaint is that the DVD runs for less than 50 minutes and you cannot tell the full history of the sport in that time, but the disc tries its hardest. The film follows the early years of moonshine runners and shows how those men led to the sport as we know it today.

NASCAR: Greatest Dominators & Greatest Finishes

If you want straight-out, hardcore racing, don’t miss the NASCAR: Greatest Dominators & Greatest Finishes DVD. This disc shows some of the best finishes in NASCAR history, delving years into the past history of the sport. You might notice a few modern finishes sneaking onto the list. The best part is that the disc flows from race to race without a lot of talk or downtime. It gets your blood pumping from the start and never lets up.


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