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5 Reasons to Use Dog Car Cages

Updated on August 9, 2011

It may seem inconvient to secure your dog when riding with you in the car. In the old days the dog would just jump in the car and you rolled down the window as he hung his head out to ride with you in the car. Safety was never an important factor to consider during those days but today road safety has become top priority among pet owners and drivers. It is best to always use a dog car cage to secure your pet in the back seat whenever you go out to travel with your dog in your car.

Our dogs love to go out with us in the car. Make traveling more comfortable for you and your pet by keeping them in an approved car carrier that is seat belted in the back seat.

  1. When your dog is safe and secured, you are not distracted from driving and you can enjoy the open road. No dog vying for your attention or crawling on your lap. Your dog won't be jumping from seat to seat, sneaking in the picnic basket and God forbid in the driver's brake/ accelerator area. Disciplining your dog while driving is definitely not the safest thing to do while you are on the road. Keeping your dog buckled down or secured in a dog car cage is the safest way to travel with pets. Even if he pees, or throws up, the mess is in a confined area, not on your lap. and you can safely pull over to deal with with the situation. If you have multiple dogs the opportunties for confusion are compounded including fighting.
  2. Never allow your dog to put his head outside the car window. He could fall out, hurt his neck on the window edge or damage his corneas in the wind and grit. Yes, dogs love to ride that way, but it's not safe for anybody.
  3. She will not be hurt being thrown around in the event of a sharp turn, unexpected braking or--God forbid, and accident. Look at your car's seats. They are built for the human's center of gravity. Now look at the way we sit and the way our dogs sit. Who is better prepared to brace in the event of a sudden movement?
  4. Your dog will stay calmer if he has his own spot in the car. Limited reactions or actions to take if he becomes agitated. If you will be using a crate for your dog, it would be best if you train them at home so your dog will know how to behave once he is in a crate.
  5. Cleaning and feeding your dog while in a dog car cage is easier than letting him free to roam around the vehicle. You can actually put old towels or even old newspapers on the flooring of your dog car cage for easy clean ups plus you can attach water bottles or feeding bowls to your dog car cage.

Safety and Peace of Mind for You and Your Pet

We could have the best and most memorable experiences when we travel with our dogs. Riding with our dog in the car can be more safe and secured with the help of dog car cages or pet carriers or even pet harnesses. Why spend hours of stress worrying and disciplining our dogs in the car when we can conveniently strap them in the back seat or keep them in a dog car cage. Spending quality time with our dogs on vacation could be beneficial for you and your dog. You could possibly meet and interact with a fellow dog owner during one of your vacation trips. Or you could actually visit dog friendly places like hotels and restaurants which you can't visit before. Travelling with your dog can be one of the most memorable trips you will ever make.


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