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3 Secrets To Cleaning Your Audi Like A Pro

Updated on April 25, 2016

No matter what model Audi you have, surely you appreciate the awesome build quality and ingenious engineering behind your daily drive. But Audi's don't come cheap. So how can you keep your car in showroom condition? Here are some professional car detailing and cleaning secrets that have come straight from some of Australia's most respected car detailers.

How To Clean Your Audi Exhaust Tips

If you are looking for cleaning tips for your Audi, then more than likely you are concerned with cleaning your exhaust tips. We all love the throaty roar that bellows out of the tips in the posterior of your car, but after a few drives, they are quickly blackened from soot and exhaust vapours. If you just use soapy water you will struggle to remove the black build-up. But there is an easy solution! Tyre cleaner. The strong cleaning properties are effective in removing the harsh contaminants that build up on exhaust tips. Look for a pH neutral cleaner that is safe to use on chrome, alloy, and stainless steel.

Clay Bars - The Detailer's Secret

To see if you should invest in a clay bar, try this test - After you have cleaned and dried your car, rub your hand over the roof and bonnet. Does your paintwork feel smooth and glossy? If it is, congratulations you are treating your car right and harsh minerals and contaminants have not built up on your paintwork. But if as your rub your hand over your paintwork you feel small bumps, it means organic compounds and organic acids have penetrated your paintwork and are bonded onto your paintwork. The easiest way to remove these corrosive elements is a detailer's clay bar.

After you have cleaned your car, warm the clay bar in your hands and shape it until it is flat in your hands. Rub the clay bar gently up and down your roof (not in circles). To create the best finish you do not need to rub hard. Steady and smooth strokes are the most efficient. After rubbing the paintwork with the clay bar wipe the surface down with a microfibre cloth. Routinely inspect the clay bar to make sure that there is no dirt that has built up on the bar that would scratch the paintwork. If there is any dirt on the bar, don't throw it away, but instead use it to clean your rims - it is still very effective.

Triple P - Professional Paint Protection

As a responsible Audi owner surely you keep your car garaged and safe from the environmental elements. But sometimes you have to park it outside, and for some reason, birds always seem to find the cleanest cars.

It would be great if there was a giant umbrella that you could take around to protect your car, but that would not be very aerodynamic. But thankfully there is a better solution!

Nanotechnology paint protection is a chemical treatment that bonds to the paintwork and prevents stains, etching, and scratches to your paintwork. If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your Audi's paintwork, then you can not go past Opticoat paint protection. The amazing technology in Opticoat ensures the ultimate protection and is the industry leader. Unfortunately, the spray application of Opticoat is a complex procedure, but it is worth investing in a professional detailer to do the treatment for you.

Hopefully, you are able to apply these tips and your Audi keeps your neighbours jealous for years to come.

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