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What does driving a Subaru say about you?

Updated on February 28, 2015

Are you one of these types of Subaru owners?

Which are you?

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What does a car say about you?

Subaru owners crack me up. You can usually spot them instantly and you can regularly just tell who they are by smell. They are different than the conservative Ford owners, bland Toyota owners, conscious Honda owners, eccentric Ferrari owners, snooty Mercedes owners, enthusiastic BMW owners, brute Dodge owners, risk seeking Jeep owners, cheap Kia owners, and so forth.

However, within this liberal group of Subaru owners, exist smaller groups. Just for fun I decided to split this group up into 5 others. The hippy, the pragmatist, the hand me down, the outdoor enthusiast and the gangster.

Sure, this article is stereotyping you by your vehicle... especially if you drive a Subaru, but we can have a little fun with it. So, read through and see if you are one these owners or if you have friends that fit into one of the groups.

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The protest vehicle of choice

Hippy Subaru Owner
Hippy Subaru Owner

The Hippy Subaru Owner

When I think of these owners I think of peace, love, and harmony. You can recognize these hippy owners by their coffee mugs, fleece vests, tie-dye shirts, loose buns, dreadlocks, Obama bumper stickers, etc. They rock to the two tone Subaru paint job… often the sage and tan combo.

Don’t forget the dog gate and golden retriever in the back of the car. These owners frequent dog parks and any restaurant that allows pets... even Home Depot welcome dogs.

I bet if you were to survey the parking lots at protests you would probably end up with Subarus accounts for the majority of the vehicles. Democratic campaign rallies? I'm sure it looks like a Subaru car lot.

Subaru Outdoor Enthusiast

Can we fit another item on the rack?
Can we fit another item on the rack?

The Outdoor Enthusiast

These owners are well known because they not only have a car rack on their Subaru, but the rack always includes at least one recreational item... if not several (i.e. skis, bike, kayak, etc.). Don’t leave home without it so why not strap everything on the rack!

These outdoor people are always prepared to take an off road path to an adventure because they’re always in hiking boots, light safari shirt and zip off pant/shorts. Their favorite hand out spot is REI… revving their Subarus for all to admire.

These owners usually are aware that their Subaru is ugly. This is why they try to spruce it up with tinted windows and outdoor retailer decals (Keep Tahoe Blue, Yellowstone, Ski Resorts, etc.).

Subaru hand me down

I don't really want this car but it won't die.
I don't really want this car but it won't die.

The Hand Me Down Owner

These owners don’t really want a Subaru, the Subaru was just handed down to them or they bought it for cheap. Unlike the other owners, they don’t care for their cars. Usually these Subarus are rusted through, have sun bleached seats and trash throughout.

You'll recognize these cars because they are never washed, may have their windows down... because they don't care if someone steals it. Heck, if someone steals it then they would be motivated to get rid of the hippy car.

I surprising have found that many of the Subaru owners fit into this group. It makes sense when you take in account that I grew up in the Park City area. Almost all the Park City-ites hand down their old Subarus for... a new Subaru! I'm surprised that Subaru Headquarters were located in Park City, Jackson, Boulder or other liberal hub.

The Slammed Subaru

Blacked out tricked out.
Blacked out tricked out.

The Gangster

These owners strip the car, tint the windows and black out all the features. Are they ashamed of their Subaru? Probably. This group of owners are the most understood owners, because no one really envies a tricked out Subaru wagon. So, why spend the money? Who knows.

Do they like the hatchback? Do they want to be different than the other gangsters that trick out Hondas, Chrysler 300s and Chargers? Are they trying to pick up on gangster hippies?

Some of the modified Subarus look nice, but most look out of place and overdone. Stick with a sedan and you won't be made fun of as much.

The Tree Hugger

If I hug tighter will my Subaru get more gas mileage?
If I hug tighter will my Subaru get more gas mileage?

The Pragmatist

How can you beat an all-wheel drive car with almost as much room as a minivan that gets decent gas mileage? These owners love telling you the benefits of why their Subaru is better than your car. For example, they like to tell you why your car doesn’t do as well in the snow as their Subaru, or how they can hold a lot of stuff in the wagon, or that their car is always in control...

What these pragmatic owners fail to explain is the look of the Subaru. They conveniently leave out that their Subaru wagons are some of the worst looking on the road (especially Foresters and the hideous Baja).

If you find someone that really likes the look of the Subaru wagon instead of just tolerates it because of the other benefits then let me know! I haven't met an owner that loves the look. Thanks for reading and not taking this seriously!

What type of vehicle is the worst manufacturer?

Which is the worst vehicle brand?

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What makes for the worst brand?

You can ask anyone. It seems that everyone has their own reasoning to hate a vehicle manufacturer. Is it price, perception, reliability, safety, looks, sounds, owner profile, manufacturer origins... so many factors can go into a preference.

I know that a lot of my vehicle preferences have stemmed from the vehicles my parents loved or hated. Make sure you don't judge a vehicle based off of a narrow experience. I know I have loved my Toyota even though my family was strictly set on buying from American manufacturers.

Are you a Subaru owner that doesn't fit in one of the 5 groups? Let us know!

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