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5 Ways to Get a New Car When You Can't Afford It

Updated on September 6, 2017
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Wrench Wench has been in love with automotive mechanics for decades. She loves sharing advice for other fellow DIY mechs & curious cats..

Dear Wrench Wrench, l need a new car but can't afford one. Please help!
Dear Wrench Wrench, l need a new car but can't afford one. Please help! | Source

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If you've found yourself stuck in that in that horrible place where ya n badly need transportation in or to work, yet still can't afford anything at today's pri

Second, remember that the more hopeless and doomed we feel, the more we become unable to see all of the opportunities and resources that are still available to us. We also become continuously more anxious, fatigued and disorganized -- which only furthers to make us more predisposed to mismanaging our financial resources. So before we go any further, I feel it's of utmost importance that you look into the many forms of stress rule of and mindfulness techniques available all over the internet. It might seem like a silly suggestion, but it will do you more good than you know, and couldn't hurt anything if it doesn't work. Take it from someone who's be in this situation more times than I care to think about, having a level head when life has gone astray, is infinitely more helpful and productive than almost anything else you could do.

So! With that out of the way, I'd also like to clarify for the purposes of this article, that any mention of a "new" car, represents a new USED cars. this is partly because many of you are in a place where you cannot afford a brand new car, but could get a nice used car. Others cannot afford to visit a dealership of any kind - - including for used cars, and need to consider more private party options. Regardless, when it comes to needing to get a car when you can't afford one, brand new cars are pretty much off the table unless your sugar daddy or mama is that loaded and you're still on their good side.

So with that in mind, I've got some tricks for you to try, which might just get you back on the road sooner than you expect. They are also tactics that I've put to use in my own life, during one of the many times in my life when the bus just was not going to put any food on the table (so stop suggesting it Aunt Bathelda!)


Use your job as Credit

In most states, there are various used car dealerships that won't bother with your actual credit scores, and instead are mo m interested in seeing that you have a reasonably stable job history that they can use to mitigate some of the risks of financing someone with no credit or horrible credit. Either way, many of these dealerships seem to be able to bend the law of financial physics, and get you into one of their used cars.

Sadly, even this won't be an option for those of us in deeper economic turmoil, but it's always worth a try when you really need it and you a just so happen to have been at your current job for a year or more. Sometimes not even that long depending on the dealership's finance options.

Just make sure to be careful when you pursue this option, as any bank that might be willing to help you, will only be willing to do so if you spend over a certain amount; usually $5,000 or more. They're also likely to hit you with exorbanantly high interest percentages, which cannot always be avoided when you really need a ride.

You'll also want to make sure you never just drive off the lot with anything the first day, and likewise, don't oust take the cheapest thing they have. let yourself something that will last at least another year and that you won't be enraged to think about having to pay for every month.

2. Use the Barter System

There's always someone some where, who has just what you need, who is willing to trade you for services or other items of relevant value.

And that's not the only benefit to bartering - - especially when you're financially strapped, as in most states, bartered objects and services are exempt from taxes and other cronyized local municipal fees. Also, the barter system is often left so completely alone by government, that natural economics apply to just about anything you need. What I mean by this, is that when you barter, each person decides what is valuable to them personally, rather than going off of an overall market value determined by political economic Jerrymanderer's. So if someone really want an original Nintendo system, and they have an old Honda CRX in their garage that they aren't using, they get to determine whether that car is so valuable to them that they'll need several thousand for it before selling, or if a $200 NES He try with a few games is all they really want.

I've benefited from participating the barter system in plenty of times, including in situations where I really needed a car and couldn't afford one. One of which was when I had a huge surplus of vintage tools from my grandfather, which I was able to trade for a 1988 Dodge Ram Cargo Van WITH a tow dolly - - a real world value of about $1800 on the low end. The tools I traded were only approximately $800 in valve, but in all actuality, I never purchased them and never had to repair them. So that was an $1800 gain with $0 loss. Makes a trip through the garage or attic not seem like such a bad idea, right?

And you don't have to have inherited any antique tools to reach someone's value level for a car or van. I've brought home running vehicles by trading my services as a mobile mechanic, house cleaner and as a general laborer. Trading services is especially nice if it's something you regularly do for a living or hobby, as yen usually already have the tools and products you need to de everything. It's also often a great way to find new customers!

I've also been on the other end of such transactions and bartered away vehicles for things like tattoo equipment and automotive tools. so I can personaIly verify that the miracle of bartering does exist.

So if you have some skills or unused items of value you're not using, try putting them onto sites like Craigslist (which have robust communities who're all about the barter!) and see how many bites you get while you check to see who might already looking for the trade you need too.

3. Borrow some Funds

This isn't going to be an option for everyone, but for some, it's more a matter of swallowing your pride than a lack of family or friends who'd be willing to help out. If this is you, and you really do need a new car you can't afford, then put your pride aside and work out with your friend or family what the best repayment plan is for you both.

4. Crowd Sourcing

The idea of fundraising to help with personal economic pitfalls, from friends, family members and only communities, is becoming more and more common. so common in feet, that unless you've already drained all of your friends money for other needs, than you're bound to get a lot more help than you might imagine.

check out sites like Indiegogo or GofundMe to get an idea of how this works if you're new to crowd sourcing.


5. Go Halfsies

Have a friend who also need a car but can't afford one? Talk with them and see if the two of you have enough to afford a car together, and have compatible enough schedules to make "joint-custody" work out.

A few more Ideas...

Get a fixer -- If you're mechanically inclined or you know someone who is who's also willing to help you, then a fixer-upper might be just the deal for you. At least until you can afford something better.

*Find extra work -- like Doordash or Postmates, which you can work without the commitment whenever you have the time.

*Borrow a Car -- If the option is available to you, you might consider borrowing a car from a Friend or family member until you can save enough for your own.

*Look for Charities -- that help low income individuals get in to road ready cars. They aren't always easy to qualify for. but you ill never know until you try.

Will you use any of these tips?

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© 2017 Wrench Wench


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    WheelScene 5 months ago from U.S.A.

    Great overview, thanks for sharing!