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5 Must-Have Pieces of Gear for Every Motorcycle Commuter

Updated on September 16, 2016

Nothing beats the feeling when atop two wheels, wind against your face, and a greater immersion in the outdoors. The sensation of riding a motorcycle is why so many across the world feel so strongly about it.

The truth about riding a motorcycle is that it comes with its fair amount of caveats. Being exposed to the open air may feel great on those sunny, cool days, but the weather is fickle and never stays the same from day to day in most places. On top of the safety risks associated with riding a motorcycle, you should always be wearing the gear to minimize the risk of injury.

And this is just talking about riding from a hobbyist’s perspective. For those who truly love to ride a motorcycle, the weekends and time off are just not enough for the really passionate rider. Plenty of riders use their motorcycles to commute every day, but commuting via motorcycle is usually fraught with discomfort and inconvenience.

For those dedicated few looking to bridge the gap between their weekend and weekday lives, commuting on motorcycle can be a rewarding way to start and end your day. Here are a couple pieces of gear you should think about picking up just to make commuting just a little easier.

1. Rain Suit


From here on out, it should be clearly noted that all of the items can be of varying qualities and price points, so try to figure out what works for you and your budget. Having said that, there are tons of options out there when it comes to fighting off the weather.

Unless you live in a place that usually pretty arid or rainy days are pretty sparse, consider yourself lucky to be living somewhere it’s motorcycle riding weather year-round. For the rest of us, rain is a major pain and it can be one of the biggest deterrents for keeping our bikes in the garage.

When it comes to dealing with the rain, you can have one of three attitudes:

  1. “Eh, I don’t feel like dealing with the rain. Where are my car keys?”
  2. “Well, it’s raining. I could wait it out. Might as well be prepared to deal with getting wet.”
  3. “It’s raining? Big deal. Let’s go!”

A bit of an exaggeration, but you either avoid it completely, prepare for the worst or tackle it head on. If you’re the latter of the three, this will help you decide what gear to pick up.

If you’re the type where getting wet will not be an acceptable reason to the leave the bike at home, then investing in a full rain suit will be for you. Almost like coveralls, you want something that can slip over your entire outfit so as not to interfere with your job’s dress code.

2. Frogg Tog Pants & Jacket


Now, if taking on a torrential downpour is slightly too hardcore for you, there’s still no reason to get caught with your pants down when it comes to dealing with wet weather. Emergency ponchos don’t work all that well when traveling at highway speeds with full wind drag, but a pair of Frogg Togs are a far more suitable solution.

Although not completely waterproof, Frogg Togs will wick away most moisture, keeping you completely dry underneath. Because they are lightweight and can be tucked away in just about any size backpack or saddlebag, you can always be prepared for a little rain.

3. Miscellaneous Cold Weather Gear


As with handling rainy weather, don’t let colder weather be another thing to get you down in your commute. While it’s still not recommended to head out there in freezing temperatures since that can adversely alter reaction times, even Spring and Fall have their fair share of surprisingly chilly days.

The easiest way to combat this colder weather is of course to dress in layers. When looking for a versatile riding jacket, one with enough lining to keep you warm but removable once the temperature starts to become a little more comfortable.

One of the less thought about pieces of gear that can reduce the harsh cold is a new windscreen. Newer motorcycle styles harken back to a time before windscreens were standard, so finding a suitable windscreen can do a lot to keep you a little more comfortable. And even is your bike already has a windscreen, you can at least invest to see if an addition or new windscreen can divert even more cold air than your current one.

The last two pieces to think about should be non-negotiable if you’re even going to think about riding in the cold. That is of course a good pair of cold weather riding gloves and a balaclava. The gloves will keep your utterly vital hands warm, and a balaclava can mitigate the cold air tearing at your face like dull razors. If you want to take things a step further, you can always look into picking up heated grips for your motorcycle.

4. Universal Garage Door Opener

Putting in a full day’s work on top of a long motorcycle commute can feel quite taxing. Feeling exhausted even after a relatively painless can be common, so why force yourself to do more than you have to?

The challenge with minimizing your efforts is implementing technology where it makes sense. With the rise of “As-Seen-on-TV” products, these gadgets often solve problems we never knew needed solving. But then there are times we overlook something just because it’s simple and performs one specific function.

For those lucky enough to house their rides in a garage, having a universal garage door opener remote is just what the doctor ordered. Also compatible with rolling gates, equipping a universal remote will give you the satisfaction of easily opening your garage door at the end of a hard day.

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This garage door remote is compatible with the following brands of garage door openers:

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5. Universal Mobile Device & GPS Mount


One of the biggest drawbacks of riding a motorcycle on a regular basis is a lack of using technology to help you during your ride. While using a mobile device is incredibly dangerous while driving, it’s even life-threatening to contemplate using them while on a motorcycle.

However, riding a motorcycle requires a specific focus on the road and sometimes it’s incredibly easy to get lost. If you’re riding a bike without something to help navigate where to go, you may have to rely on even riskier methods like printing out directions from Google Maps and taping it to the gas tank.

The simplest and cheapest way to fixing this problem is considering investing in a RAM universal mount system. For less than $60, you can install the grip and mounting system right to the handlebars and feel confident that these mounts will safely secure your devices. They typically fit just about any model’s handlebars and the extending arms adjust to just about any mobile device. So for the added benefit of knowing how to get where you’re going, these are essential for the motorcycle commuter.

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