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5 reasons you SHOULD buy a moped scooter and get better mpgs

Updated on February 5, 2013

You should consider getting this money saver

 Times are tough. Gas is expensive. Everyone is looking for a silver bullet. A moped may just be what you need to save thousands of dollars every year. They are cheap and can save you more money than they cost in just their first year of operation. Here are a few perks that mopeds offer.

1. Mopeds can get over 100mpg!!!! Think about how long a gallon of gas would last if you could go 100,110, or even 140 miles. Gas prices keep going up, but now you can stick it to the big oil companies.

2. Mopeds (in some states) don't require license, registration, or insurance. I live in Virginia. Our state deems any moped under 50cc legal to drive on state roads without legislation or insurance. The catch is you may not drive it on a highway (who would?) So you don't have an additional insurance bill or registration to deal with.

3. Mopeds are convenient. It's quick and easy to load up and hit the road on your moped. Parking is always easy with such a small machine. Today's mopeds offer more storage than ever before. It's a great option to have available to you on a nice day.

4. Mopeds are affordable. Today you can buy a good moped for less than $1,000. In less than a year it can save you more than the price tag. A motorcycle will cost you thousands plus insurance. Mopeds are an easy way to have a second or third vehicle in your household.

5. Mopeds are fun to drive. No you won't break 100 mph, but it is a great way to see the city you live in. Hit the country roads. Go exploring. At 100 mpg, you can cruise for days for literally a few bucks. Of course, some will say mopeds are weak or "girly." If that bothers you, your issue isn't mopeds, but self-esteem. I couldn't care less what people think about me or my ride. People who care about other's perception of them usually spend a lot of money to keep their "image." I'd rather invest my money in retirement, real estate, and stocks...not people's opinions.

here are some mopeds and moped accessories for sale

a great video showing advantages of a moped

a real moped enthusiast


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    • profile image

      Travis_S_Music 7 years ago

      Something I will consider for sure once I get on me feet and out in the big world! Very helpful (: