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5 things you should not do to your car

Updated on December 13, 2010

A car owner needs to take care of his car in order to make it serve as long as necessary. In taking care of the car, he should make sure certain things are not done to the car. If the car owner does those things that he should not do to his car, the result may be unpleasant. The car may be in bad state and expensive to repair. However, if a car owner maintains his car regularly, the car will serve him for a long time. To increase the services of a car, a car owner should not do the following to his car.

Sunny day car wash

 Dousing any car with water in bright sunlight can be bad for its finish. The sun heats up the metal to the point that it is scalding hot to touch. The result is not pretty. As the sun continues to heat the car, the quality of its finish will reduce in value. The paint which the car originally came will begin to fade.  New car with base or clear coat paints is especially vulnerable to sun damage. This is because once the very thin clear top coat is burned away or otherwise damaged, the paint will never shine again; no matter how good your wax and polish. The only remedy is expensive repainting.

It is better to wash a car on cloudy, overcast days or at least in the shade, away from direct sunlight. A great time to wash a car is just after dawn--- in the late afternoon just as the sun is shipping past the horizon. The period of time the sun is about either to rise or is setting remains the best time to douse a car. You can provide a shade when you want to wash your car. This is a safety guard to your car to avoid expensive repainting.

Pressure washing a modern car engine

. A grimly engine that runs properly is much better than a clear engine that is not .if you force jets of water past rubber seals and into the sensitive electronics that are fitted to all modern computer- controlled engines,  it helps to remove the hood and protective coverings of the car. This can cause severe damage to the car engine. These rubber seals that are covering and protecting a car are there to prevent moisture and containment from breaking havoc with wining harnesses, sending units, and other components that are likely to be sprayed with water. Excess water can shoot out electrical parts, causing periodic malfunction including stalling for no reason, hard-starting, rough riming and dashboard check engine, and light flash.

It is right to degrease your car engine with a hose if you like to keep it clean. Just don’t use high pressure sprayers like you find in self serve car wash. This self serve car wash can force water past those rubber seals and weather strip into places it is not supposed to go.

Overloading the alternating charging system

. A common problem with installing stereo or other electronics that are more powerful than your alternator is overtaxing the factory-Installed alternator and charging system, which may not be able to handle additional demand. If the alternator is overtaxed and failed to keep the battery charged, it eventually fails prematurely due to excess load. This can cause a car not to run at all because of insufficient voltage to operate pump, fuel injection system and other components.  Thus, install alternator that is equal your to stereo.

Universal fit wheels


. Replacing the wheels the car came with is a popular way of personalizing a vehicle. However, do not buy universal fit wheels designer to fit multiple vehicles using rims and make it fit bolt patterns. This is dangerous, Automatic wheels are specific to its application. It is important that such things as back spacing and bolt patterns be correct for your particular car. Do not try to fit metric rims on a car designed for non metric and vice versa. Before you buy any non-factory wheel for your vehicle consult the manufacturer to make sure it is designed to fit your car. Also make sure you use correct engine nuts. It is after this case that you swap them along with the wheels for the changeover to be safe. A good auto shop can be of great assistance here.

Using the old style of dragging to tow a car



 Using the old style of dragging to tow an automatic equipped car will drive wheels down. An automatic transmission uses hydraulic fluid under high pressure to transfer engine’s power to the road. The hydraulic fluid also lubricates the transmission of the internal part but only when the transmission torque converter turned by the running engine. When the engine is being towed, the converter is not pumping pressurized fluid through the transmission. So, there is no lubrication. But if the drive wheels are down and turning the transmission is being run. This is like running the engine without oil pump and the result can just be ugly. If you are about to how your automatic equipped car or truck, insist on a rollback tow truck instead of dragging the vehicles. If your car is on a rollback tow truck, it enables the car to wince aboard the rollback tightly secured and carted off.

There are many towing companies that are using rollbacks rather than old style tow truck. Rollback tow trucks are safer and limit the potential for damage to the towed vehicle.

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    • iyking profile image

      iyking 7 years ago

      A car can last as long as necessary if it is well taking care .

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      liamb2001 7 years ago

      good hub that :D