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6 Most Imported Best Seller Car in The US

Updated on May 30, 2016

European car manufacturer normally has totally different standards from the US’s.If you have interest in the imported cars, especially European cars, here are some popular brand names in the US.

  1. 1. Volkswagen Beetle

Although the original Beetle was stopped manufacturing since 2003, the innovative version was launched in 1998 due to the favor of car users. In 2011, the manufacturing of this new version was ceased.

However, many people are still driving it in the US which remains its reputation. There are some similarities in the new version of Beetle and the original one: big round lights in tail, sloping headlamps, separate wings, etc. However, the New Beetle affirms its innovation through a couple of improvements and advanced equipment. This new model has the engines put in the front and the storage for luggage put in the back. Many special models are launched to satisfy the demand of US riders. Malibu Barbie New Bettle made a strong hit right after being launched: The Turbo S model is equipped with 1.8L Turbo with bigger wheels. The 2006 model renovated with 2.5L 5-cylinder engine, 150hp is among the top list of favorite cars of Americans.

  1. 2. Volkswagen Passat CC

This car series was first introduced in Detroit’s North American International Auto Show January 2008. In 2008, as this car was launch, thesales were expected to reach 300,000 cars in the course of 7 years. The recent research has shown that 60% of the sales were attributed to US market.

  1. 3. BMW 5-Series

This is a mid-size luxurious car manufactured by the big automaker since 1972. In 2010, it gains the second highest sale revenue after 3-Series and contributes 50% of the year profits to BMW. BMW 5-Series was consecutively on the Ten Best list selected by Car and Driver Magazine in the course of 6 years, from its introduction 1997 to 2002. What made BMW 5-Series so popular was its high quality standards of technology. Its Active seat technology was voted for one of the biggest inventions by Popular Science Magazine and rated 4.5 stars on the JB car page. All those compliments by qualified car experts and magazine have affirmed its luxurious class and top choice in the world and the US.

  1. 4. Audi A4

This car series was manufactured by other German big automaker- Audi since 1994. This car series is the combination between sportiness and luxury, equipped with the latest technology security and connectivity and smooth steering. Another preeminent feature of this car series is the equipment of latest MMI interface which enable the car to possess portable Wi-Fi hotspot with the support for Google Maps access under nice, high-resolution paranomic views

  1. 5. Volvo S80

This series was first launched in 1998 and continued to maintain the popularity of its former version. This new version is more gorgeous-looking, fuel-saving but very safe and endurable. This is the favorite car series of first-class and middle-class in the US for some certain reasons. Firstly, it is equipped with new technology of safety. Intellisafe is the secret for this innovation which can estimate the subjects approaching near the car and a vehicle parking in front of it. This technology also notifies the driver for an exact parking in the tight space and staying in the right lane in the parking lot.

  1. 6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

This is among luxurious car series of this big automaker since 1993. Up till now, Mercedes Benz CLC class is ceased production since 2011 and replaced by W204 based C class. It stands at the top out of 14 in the category of upscale small cars according to compliments and positive reviews of customers and testers.


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