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6 Best Tips to Improve Fuel Consumption and Save Money.

Updated on February 2, 2019

For many years car manufacturers have made research in developing more powerful cars that use less fuel and emit less CO2. But is something that manufacturers can't manage, the way we drive.

There are so many cars that is impossible to choose the perfect car for any situation. Even so there are some proved combinations that seem to be successful. For example like diesel car with manual gearbox. First of all, the car's consumption depends a lot from the type of car, year, engine technology, gearbox, weight, etc. But in all type of cars there is a margin of improvement that depends from us.

In this hub are listed 6 little steps you can take, in order to improve your fuel consumption and so help you improve your economy and also save the car or even yourself from different unexpected damages.

1. If you are looking to buy a new car or a used one choose carefully. A diesel car with a 1600-2000 cc would be perfect. The new petrol are also very efficient especially turbocharged 1.2 or 1.4. Don't try to always choose a smaller engine. Yes, a small engine is economic but sometimes they lack in torque so you should rev it more to extract the same power which translates in a worse consumption. Manual gearbox is always a safe choice. Try to find a six speed manual because they have shorter gear and use better the engine power. Avoid old automatic especially four and five speed. In general they use from 10-20% more fuel.

2. Be careful with the throttle, especially in traffic situations. Being patient don't always mean being slower but it can also cost you less at the fuel pump. Also shifting a bit earlier when you don't need to make progress or to overtake can save a bit of fuel and if you have a turbocharged engine it's also easier using the torque. Anticipating the traffic can be useful too. Look at traffic lights or the car in front of you, if it stops, take the foot off the throttle some meters before. At the city traffic a more gentle approach would help you to save 5-10% less fuel.

3. The wheels and the tires are also very important. I know that 18 or 19 inches look very good on some cars but the also they increase the fuel consumption. I think that 16 or even 17 inches are more than enough. At the same time using smaller wheels means less noise and a higher profile tire, so a more comfortable cruise. Check the tire pressure at least every two months. Lower pressure can cause more friction and sometimes can be dangerous too.

4. Check out the oil and filters. A good maintenance means a better engine that will last longer and a better consumption at the same time. Look for the oil level and color. it need to be change between 20000 and 30000 km (12400 and 18600 miles) A synthetic oil is recommended by mechanics . At the same frequency you need to change the oil filter to make the engine breathe a little better and the fuel filter. Making this a routine process, will bring noticeable benefits in the engine run and fuel consumption.

5. Another cheap and easy way to improve your economy is by using fuel additives. It is a very effective and simple way to keep the engine clean and increase performance while reducing consumption. There are a lot of fuel additives types but the most commons keep the fuel injectors and carburetors clean and unclog the dirty fuel injectors. It can restore the engine's original power by 2-5% while at the same time improving your km/l.

6. Turn off the air conditioner when it's not necessary. Using the air conditioner can affect dramatically the fuel consumption. It is particularly visible in the small engine cars because the conditioner detracts power from the small engine and the loss of power is evident. In bigger engines and new cars this is not so evident because the new systems are designed to use less energy with the economy in mind. Even so, from my personal experience, in summer is better to keep the windows down a bit up to speed 70 or 80 km/h (50 mph). Above this speed the car aerodynamics are affected and the wind noise becomes stressful.

These are some of the 'secret tips' on how to take better care of your car and your expenses too. Little steps go a long way.

If you have any other tip on how to save the fuel, feel free to share in the comments section below.

Till then, happy driving :)

© 2015 Enchel


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    • profile image

      John Michael 

      2 years ago

      Great advice! I feel a lot of drivers neglect to do some of these necessary performance enhancing tricks. How about keeping the car exterior clean? A dirty car has more air resistance, which cuts down on aerodynamics and also fuel efficiency. I'd go for a waxing too to boost aerodynamics.


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