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Should I Buy A Ford Ranger XLT

Updated on February 25, 2016
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I love my Ford Ranger XLT, it is tough, rugged and can pull more than most full size trucks

Why to Buy This Great Little Truck

When my wife and I decided to buy a Casita travel trailer we found out that our SUV didn't have the towing capacity to pull it.

That knowledge sent me on a long quest to find out what actually would pull a small 2500 pound trailer.

To my amazement almost all of the SUV's on the market were too underpowered to pull even a small trailer and the frames were too weak for towing. WOW! I couldn't believe it.

When I started looking at pickup trucks, my head started to spin around because of all the variences in the trucks. Some could pull if they were equipped this way, some could pull if they were equipped that way. Good grief--this was harder than trying to herd cats.

I didn't want a huge truck to pull my small trailer, because I wanted to be able to park in tight little spots when we were camping and also I needed it to fit into my garage with my SUV..

I finally discovered that the Ford Ranger XLT, when properly configured could pull up to 5,800 pounds. Yea! my search was over.

Small Truck Big Performance

I couldn't believe how powerful this truck was

My little truck

Ford Range XLT
Ford Range XLT | Source

For Me--The Reason To Buy A This Truck

Great Towing Capacity

Here is the reason I need to have a good towing vehicle.

My Casita travel isn't big and only weighs 2,500 pounds, but even that weight was too much for many of the trucks and SUV's I researched.

Since my wife and I love to go to the mountains I had to have something with power to spare for those long mountain climbs.

My Range XLT with the 4.0 liter engine never hesitated or lost power during some very long and steep climbs in the Rockies.

When you put the 4.0 liter engine into the truck, almost everything on the truck is upgraded to a heavier capacity. The radiator is larger, the shocks are more heavy duty and the entire frame is designed for weight distribution throughout the frame.

What surprised me was the fact that the 4.0 liter engine on this little truck generates about 207 horsepower, what a little dynamo.

On most long climbs the rpm rarely got above 3200 rpm and most of the time it held at about 2800 rpm. Pretty darn good for towing uphill.

Have you ever driven a small truck

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Reason Number 1 To Buy This Little Truck

Towing Capacity Up To 5,800 pounds

Put a 4.0 liter engine into your Ranger and you can tow up to 5,800 pounds.

That means boats, travel trailers and equipment trailers full of stuff, can be towed.

With the 207 horsepower, you hardly ever have to worry about not getting your load where it needs to go.

Do you own a travel trailer

If You're Going To Tow, A Ford Ranger XLT Will Make It Go (cute huh? I Just Made That Up)

You May Need Some Good Guides If You Are Going To Travel In A Trailer - Take Your Truck Off The Freeways And Enjoy The Views

ford ranger xlt
ford ranger xlt

Reason Number 2

You Can Load About 1,300 pounds Of Stuff Into The Bed

When you need to haul stuff, like the patio rocks in the picture, you can.

When I was doing my patio I carried a load of rocks that weighed 1,300 pounds.

If I hadn't had the XLT, I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. The cost of renting a truck would have made the cost of my patio almost double.

I figured that my tough little truck just saved me a ton of money and a lot of grief going through the rental process.

Now For All 6 Reasons To Buy A Ford Ranger XLT - Of Course--These Are Just My Opinions And Those Of Other XLT Drivers

  1. Great towing capacity. Up to 5,800 pounds with the 4.0 liter engine
  2. Really good gas mileage. When towing my trailer I got 17-18 mpg if I drove between 60 and 65 mph. Not towing, I can get 25-26 mpg at about 65 mph
  3. 207 horsepower 4.0 liter engine will get you up any hill, even when towing
  4. In the bed you can load about 1,300 pounds of materials. More than enough to carry all your garage sale or flea market treasures.
  5. With the fold down back seats in my super cab it can carry 4 people with relative comfort. I also fold down the back seats, put a piece of plywood across and strap my dog crates in so the dogs can travel very securely
  6. The seats are really comfortable. We travel for up to 12 hours a day and I always feel comfortable in my seat and my wife, who has a back problem, can travel all that time and not have back issues


Get a tough truck

Ford Ranger XLT Works For Me And It Can Work For ou

If You Enjoy Your Ford Ranger XLT - Why Not Tell Everyone What You Like About It

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