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79 Chevy Blazer, a Prayer, New Well with a Receipt-Paid in Full

Updated on October 20, 2011
Similar to my 79 Blazer but mine had a spare on the backside.
Similar to my 79 Blazer but mine had a spare on the backside. | Source

A New Well

On December 14, 1989 our house burned. We had remodeled an old house that was formerly used as a garage and made into a house we could live. The walls were of cement block and had been paneled throughout using furring strips. The floors were concrete but we had installed new carpet and linoleum rugs in our kitchen and living room before we moved from our first house which was in a subdivision near town. Both me and my wife had been raised in a rural farm community and were as out of places as fish would be on dry land. I had taken out the partition between the kitchen and living room so this part of our house was most used and the largest area.

We found cabinets at a yard sale to replace the original ones and we just couldn't stop doing things to make our little house look better. Finding enough brick to do a wainscoting around the house, we borrowed money for more improvements and had a contractor put vinyl siding on the remainder of our house. If this wasn't enough we decided to add a new living room and a garage as well and a new chimney, we heated with wood and the old chimney was dangerous. When I tore out the old chimney I found charred spots on the ceiling joists surrounding the chimney and I knew at some point the previous owners had narrowly escaped a house fire.

After all our hard work remodeling, our house did burn. It was accidental and during the daylight hours. Only a few items were salvaged. Fortunately no one was injured and we had full insurance on both the structure and the contents. We began our rebuilding in February of 1990 and moved in in May. My old well which was our source for water was powered by a jet pump but during the winter months following the fire, the tank and pump had frozen and all the water line had burst and were no longer serviceable. We installed a submersible pump. The new pump worked fine but since my well was only 40 feet deep and the foot valve sat directly on the bottom, the submersible with more power than the old jet pump and having no filter, began to fill our water lines with sand. I knew we had to drill a new well. I also knew I did not have the finances available in a bank account, we had spent all our money building our new house. The drilling of a well cost around $7 per foot then. I recall so vividly driving to work one morning and praying,"Lord, we need a new well and I don't have the money to have one dug. I'm asking you to help me with this problem and trusting You to supply our need." The events that came about the rest of that day gave me assurance He had heard and came to our rescue.

In our county a permit has to be drawn for wells and I went by the Health Department and filled out the necessary paperwork and paid the fee of $75. No sooner than getting back to my job at GE, I received a call from the EPA at the health department and was to meet the representative at my house to decide where the well would be located. Strict setbacks are required by our county so I agreed to take the rest of the day off and meet him at 10 AM.

Finding the best place to drill our new well was easy and I was given permission to call a well drilling contractor. I called Green River Well and to my surprise they were completing near my house and would come directly down, they would be there at 3 PM. They arrived right on time and set up the rig. I could see dollars as each added drill bit was attached to the driller. We hti water at about 40 feet but continued on down to 108 feet. By then we had hit several more veins of water and the output was in excess of 40 gallons per minute.

It was then the money entered my head wondering how on earth would I ever pay for my new well. I had a 79 Blazer and out of curiosity I ask one of the men working if he might know someone who needed a Blazer. It was a 4 X 4 with only 80,000 miles. The engine was great but the transmission was shot. He didn't say anything until they had packed up getting ready to leave but he commented,"Every once in a while the boss takes a vehicle in on trade for the well."

Later that afternoon the phone rang and it was the man I had told about my Blazer. Seems he had one of the same year with a bad motor and the boss was going to take mine in exchange for drilling our well. I am thankful this worked out and was further evidence God had indeed answered my prayer of the morning; he got my Blazer with the broken transmission and we got a new well with a paid in full receipt. We both turned out to be winners and for several years after our well was drilled I would see this man driving that old Blazer around town and each time I was reminded of the faithfulness of God.


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    • lucybell21 profile image

      Bonny OBrien 5 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

      Great hub once again! Very well written with wonderful detail. I voted up on this as usual.