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A Better Use For Old Motorcycles

Updated on February 26, 2014

A Better Use For Old Motorcycles

There must be thousands of old motorcycles sitting around unused in America. Everything from old Honda step-throughs to abandoned dirt bikes, worn-out commuters, and former race bikes cluttering up garages, collecting dust, rusting in barns or taking up space in storage units. Most of them will probably never be ridden again. People can't sell them because there is no market for old, obsolete bikes.

Poor people in many countries have no transportation. We would be killing two birds with one stone if we could get America's old, unused bikes into the hands of people who would gladly resurrect them and put them to good use. Their present owners could feel good about helping less fortunate people while at the same time ridding themselves of “junk”.

So what if some billionaire like Bill Gates or the young founder of Facebook, with more money than they could ever spend, were to find a way to collect these old motorcycles and send them somewhere where they would be put to good use? Mexico, for example. Or Cuba, Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador. Many countries in Africa come to mind. It would have to be countries where gasoline is available, but there are plenty of those.

Perhaps the Ad Council could be enlisted to run public service ads encouraging people to donate their old bikes. Certainly the internet could be put to good use to get the word out.

This idea brings to mind the many old airliners sitting on the ground near Mojave, California. Apparently they are too old and used for America's airlines, but seats could be stripped out and they could be loaded with motorcycles for short flights to Mexico or wherever.

If you are interested in motorcycles you may enjoy my website,

I've been riding since 1948, so the website includes lots of stories, anecdotes and pictures from my past as well as information about riding groups in the Los Angeles area, and a bit about my book, OVER THE HANDLEBARS.


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