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A Disabled Class A Motor Home Needs a Heavy Duty Tow Truck

Updated on December 2, 2013

Heavy Duty Towing

Many people these days have turned down the idea of a vacation cottage for instead hitting the road with a big recreational vehicle. But if your RV breaks down on the road, you’re could be facing some big problems.

If you’re driving a Class A motor home, essentially a tricked out tour bus, a neighborhood tow truck service isn’t going to be able to handle it, and maybe your insurance won’t either. You will need a heavy duty tow truck from a specialty company that deals with extreme recovery with staff that is trained and experienced in towing large vehicles such as semi’s, semis, tractors and buses.

Any type of RV will require special equipment to bring to a proper service site. The typical roadside tow truck could do more harm than good. If your motor home leaves you stranded along the road and you have to call for a tow, you must specify to your road service provider what type of vehicle you have so they can dispatch the proper equipment.

A company such as Terry’s Road Service, the emergency towing service that’s affiliated with Grand Davo Crane Service of Kalamazoo, MI, has heavy duty tow trucks and specialty equipment to recover and transport heavy vehicles including a Class A motor home.

Yet before you ever take your RV on the road, you should first make certain you have the proper insurance to cover roadside emergencies. Not all road service policies offered by insurance companies will cover the cost of a motor home towed to the nearest facility equipped to repair it. You may need to have your diesel powered motor home towed 100 miles or more to a well-equipped RV center, truck stop, truck dealership or truck service center to have it repaired.

A road service policy that specializes in RV coverage should specify that coverage includes dispatch of the proper equipment to retrieve your RV and the mileage to take it to the right repair facility equipped to handle your rolling vacation home. In that way, what could have been a costly emergency will turn out to be a mere delay on your trip to far-away places.


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