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A Segway Adventure

Updated on August 17, 2012

On our Segways at the garden

A Fun Surprise

For my 70th birthday my sweet sisters surprised me with three days of adventures. Everything from carriage rides in Salt Lake city to fancy restaurants and fun shopping sprees. However, the funnest by far was a morning ride on our Segways through the lovely gardens at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. I got to follow my younger, wild sister through winding garden paths with quick maneuvers to avoid the flower beds. Happily we avoided any damage to ourselves and to the flowers. It was an amazing adventure, and if you have never been on a Segway yourself-- you owe it to yourself to try it! After a fun morning ride, we turned our Segways into their office and were told, by the girl there, that earlier that week and older woman panicked on her ride there and jumped off her Segway, which sped ahead into the lake (and caused $3,000 worth of damage). Now had we learned that before our ride, we might have traveled a little slower. However, after traversing the hills of San Francisco on Segways before, the gardens were not the least bit challenging--but an amazing ride with gorgeous beds of colorful flowers of all varieties along the paths and magnificent waterfalls and even a secret garden to explore.

If youv'e never been on a Segway

If you are a first time Segway rider, I would suggest the following. Take a tour on a Segway with a company or group that give you detailed instructions first and have a tour guide to lead the way and show you the ropes, like we did. They will also take the time to train you properly on how to stop, slow down, backup, etc. and give you enough practice time to get used to your vehicle. This way you will have the confidence to handle your Segway properly without the need to suddenly jump off (as the lady mentioned before did). Be sure to wear comfy shoes when you go--you will be standing for at least an hour, and your feet will feel it! If it's your first time, take a few breaks from standing, and be sure to park your Segway against something stationary, like a tree or building. Don't take pictures while riding your Segway, any don't go any faster than you know how. Aside from all that--don't miss out on a wonderful adventure by never trying it--if I can do it, anyone can!

My two sisters on their Segways


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    • signgirl profile image

      Carol Hill 5 years ago from Palmetto, Florida and Herriman Utah

      Thanks so much for your comment. I agree, they are so fun to ride. I can't wait to do the "Hills and Thrills" ride the next time we go to San Francisco.

    • Norman Stein profile image

      Norman Stein 5 years ago from Queens, NY

      I rode my first segway in New Orleans. Since then I've actually planned my domestic vacations on whether or not I can ride one. We rode in Gettysburg, New Orleans and Boston so far (they're illegal here in NYC). Riding a segway through the battlefield was amazing, you wouldn't think so but they can climb hills like a tank and downhill the speed limiters actually kicked in. If you ever get a chance, ride one, they are simply amazing and so intuitive that anyone can ride one with about 5 minutes of training. Thank you for this story.