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A Sound Solution to Speeding Tickets

Updated on March 26, 2013

Almost everyone who has driven has had this experience. Picture this: you are driving along at a safe and comfortable speed in the middle of the night when blue lights fill your rearview mirror. After following the posted speed limit of fifty five your entire drive, you wonder what happened. Little did you know, about a mile back the speed limit abruptly changed to forty five when you entered into what most people know as a “speed trap”. The locality you are passing through uses their little section of this two lane highway as an income and job generator.

What can be done to avoid traps like this? The haughty among us would say “look at your gauge it will tell you how fast you are going.” Oh really? Well what happens if you are looking at that gauge and the limit changes as you go around a turn? You miss the speed change and you are out of luck. Or worse, what happens if you drop your eyes to check the gage and a small child runs into the middle of the road? That split second of not paying attention to the road while checking a gage, could result in that kid losing his life.

Most drivers attempt to follow a safe and reasonable speed. They asses the road conditions and adjust their apparent speed accordingly. They have no intention of breaking the law and are some of the safest drivers out there and yet often they are penalized by small towns looking to make a few bucks and keep an extra judge employed. These are the drivers we should be seeking to protect. Besides this even the most diligent of drivers will not claim that their attention has never once lapsed and that they have never once accidently drifted over the speed limit. Perhaps they were caught and ticketed, perhaps not. The point is, drivers who are innocent of malicious intent to speed are often ticketed.

So what can be done? How can we help drivers to safely follow speed limits? Most solutions, such as radar detectors and speed camera warnings, seek simply to help drivers avoid being caughtspeeding. However, until now, nothing has been offered (beyond the basic speedometer) to help drivers who actually want to maintain the legal speed limit. It’s called an audible speeding warning. GPS’s can read your speed, they know the speed limit of nearly every road in the country and they can talk to you. Why not have a GPS that warns you when you drift over the speed limit? Having this audible warning (especially if it were annoying) would make it far easier for drivers to know and follow the posted speed. New cars already have warnings for nearly everything else. If you leave your lights on, or forget to put on your seatbelt, or leave your door open, a warning will sound until you do something about it. The government could greatly improve the safety of American roads by making audible sound warning standard on all new car models. The speed maintaining warnings could also be built in with an option that would automatically slow a car down to a new speed limit using the cruise control.

Most of us want to be safe and secure, and most of us do not like speeding tickets. If you want to do something to protect yourself from unknowingly speeding, then order a TomTom GPS. These devices come with a built in option for audible speeding warnings. They will warn you when your car drifts over the speed limit, or when the speed limit suddenly changes. If you think this is something that would help you out and be helpful to society as a whole, then vote yes in the poll below. If not, then vote no, and leave a comment explaining your reasons. Thanks for reading, happy driving!

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