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A hub to show how a Ford small block351W is Diff but a lot a like with a chevy 350.

Updated on March 14, 2015


The Differences are similar you may laugh at that. But its true Chevy made the SBC350 in early 1960's and put in a wide variety of cars then ford had its 302 that was mass produced. In the 60's and 70's as well. Then ford and Chevy in 1969 had a race to find out witch one could do a small block that would fit in most budget and have a lot of power thus came the legendary 350 Chevy V8 well it was a Chevy work horse and power house "If built Correctly" But then Ford goes on to make the 351 Windsor the answer to that engine. Mass produced in vans and cars trucks as well but the similar features were they would interchange with a lot of transmissions applications. IE. the 350SBC would interchange with the 454 big block its big sister or the 351w would inter change with the 302 ford or 300 Straight six transmission application. or V8 transmission application either or thees engines were in a variety of cars the ford v8 351 was in a pantera also in the 351 Cleveland option the big brother to the widsor.


These engines are widely asked for still in the hot-rod industry Cause of the tight fit design. Makes both popular for small car applications as well i had a 1975 Chevy Vega that i put a 350 Chevy in was a nice fit.

This is a SBC 350 Built in 1972 Answer to fords 351 Windsor

This is the 351 Answer to 350 SBC.

this is not a stock 302
this is not a stock 302 | Source

SBC350 VS SBF 351w

This is the diff in 1965 Ford DID the 302 It was a mistake then they made the 351w Success that is what made ford the ford today. The First pic is a SBC 350 modified of course. And the second is a Modified ford 351w.

The similarity Between the two

The similarity was that ford and Chevy competed to make these better than each other but in turn made almost the same motors. They also can be torn down in the cars as well witch is a nice feature makes it nice if you only need to to a upper end job or a set of heads. The 351w was larger than the 302 but heads will inner change so will water pumps and stuff like that.

The same. But different

Chevy 350 And ford 302 rundown

Whats Your opinion

Are these engines in anyway the same or are they Really different?

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Both are similar
Both are similar | Source
Both are a lot a like
Both are a lot a like | Source


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