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A tune up and then some..

Updated on October 6, 2010


Marvel Mystery Oil is an amazing product that i have used on my own vehicles and friends as well..It is really hard to explain exactly what it does. This is what it has done for me. It would free up the lifters in my engine and clean up any top end noise that would be evident. Marvel would even quite the exhaust slightly. It is a tool that can be ran in the Oil and in the fuel. When running it in the oil, you will see an increase in horse power. Really the horse power is being restored as the product works to clean your engine. As it cleans it coats the engine and helps to push out any build up on lifters or values within the engine.

Now when it is used in the fuel, it runs through the fuel system and help remove build up in the fuel injection system and help restore to smoother functioning. I noticed with in the first tank or two that the product can cause sputtering as it is pushing the built up gunk out.This too will help to improve your gas mileage

After a few hours of running with this product in your oil you can begin to feel a difference in your engines performance. With in a couple of days and application after another oil change you truly will delight in the performance and progress of the product. It is truly like giving your vehicle a tune up and more.

While you are at it, treatments are good for vehicles with higher mileage, just know that if you are willing to do this, you might as well as change your plugs, cap and rotor, and air filter. you will not only extend the life of the engine, but also receive even greater gas mileage in the long run.


Affordability can be weighed like this. In the long run what you are doing using this treatment is prolonging with the maintenance, and helping to minimize the wear and tear on your engine, giving you a longer lasting vehicle and less you will have to shell out to fix parts and even replace later on. Normal price of MMO is around $4.89


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