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ABC of Industrial Electronic Repair Firms

Updated on August 14, 2010

ABC of Industrial Electronic Repair Firms

 Modern industries operations are based on digital electronics.  Integrated and expansive controls and electronics ensure the smooth running of these electricity based heavy industries.  After sustained availability continued operation of certain machinery in a plant, it is only natural that they require repair and maintenance, which is allocated to various repair firms under a competitive bidding system.  The company or firm that clinches the contract is evaluated against a set number of requirements and their past record of accomplishment of handling past assignments thoroughly scrutinized.  Most industrial repair firms have realized this and streamlined their operations by including the various sections of industrial electronics and other repairs in different establishments but all under one flagship.

 Companies dealing with these industrial repairs usually boast of pump repair and electric motors section where machines of up to 5 tons and 4160 volts are worked on and efficiently repaired.  Whenever these establishments have a weight limit, it is probably the maximum weight that they can lift safely using their lift cranes.  Insulated inverter duty magnet wire is ideal for a motor that requires to be wound as it offers the best option for replacement of the original wire.  Excellent insulation is necessary have in every industrial set up as it could mean the difference between losing a limb and or death.  Inverter driven motors undergo a procedure known as VPI or Vacuum Pressure Impregnation, which is a kind of varnish treatment that is credited with improving thermal performance and mechanical strength.  This is through the complete winding sealing against vibration and moisture, which ensures the machine, lasts longer and works harder without frequent breakdowns and constant maintenance.

 Industrial pumps have wide uses and applications including management of wastewater, commercial horticulture and marine uses.  Electronic repair in industries may also include gearbox assembly and repair which is an integral part of most industrial repair shops.  Some are specific as to which brands they work on and the extent of their repair mandate, which means it is of practical importance to make sure that the technician working on your machine gearbox is actually qualified and certified to work on your machine brand.  In some cases, replacement of a whole part makes more sense than undertaking repairs.  Part replacement may even be faster as it avoids the technicalities of a repair job and the most common replacement parts include pneumatic, hydraulic, power transmission and electronic drive parts.  Go ahead and identify an industrial repair and maintenance firm that you can rely on for your maintenance and part replacement needs.


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