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About The Insurance Auto Auction Company

Updated on July 14, 2010

Anyone interested in doing any bidding on cars in auto auctions is going to want to learn more about the Insurance Auto Auction Company.  They are one of North America’s leading salvage auto auctions.  Anyone who’s interested in going to one of these auctions needs to take the first step which is to find a reputable auctioning company to go through.  The Insurance Auto Auction is a perfect example.

 Considered to be the leader in total-loss and commercial remarketing options, they offer a huge selection of vehicles.  This includes motorcycles, boats and motor homes.  They make the process of bidding and buying a vehicle simple, and you can actually search through vehicles and choose one online and then examine the vehicle and purchase it in person.  You can check their site to find out when their next auctions are in your area if you’re interested in attending in person.

 The great thing about auctions is that just because a car is listed at a certain asking price, that doesn’t mean this is what you’ll end up paying for it.  This way you can choose the method that’s most convenient for you.  You can either bid in person the old-fashioned way so that you can take a look at a vehicle before deciding to invest money in it, or you can do online bidding for which the entire process takes place over the computer.  As long as you have a working Internet connection you can utilize the I-Bid Live feature which allows you to join in on live auctions.

 The third method of bidding is called pre-bidding and means that you can place bids on certain items even before the actual auctions start.  You can do your bidding the night before so it’s over and done with.  But the Insurance Auto Auction Company also offers a third option for bidding which is known as pre-bidding.  The highest pre-bid offered will then be represented by the proxy at the local auction.

 These are certainly some impressive benefits offered by the Insurance Auto Auction Company.  There are hundreds of other auctioneer companies you could go through but there’s a reason this one stands out.  They help make bidding and buying on a car as quick and easy a process as possible.  The tools and resources they offer make it easy even for newcomers to the auction scene to find what they’re looking for and get a great deal.


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