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Addicted to Texting

Updated on April 25, 2015

Watch “Addicted to Texting.” Then construct an argument about whether texting has a more positive or negative effect at both an individual and societal level. Support your argument with at least one example from the video.

Texting can have a positive and negative effect at both an individual and societal level, but overall I would say texting has had a more negative effect. The video “Addicted to Texting” emphasized the ways in which texting can truly be a negative instead of a positive. On a societal level texting is negatively affecting education. The video discusses how many children are coming to school tired because they spent the previous night staring at a screen. “Sleep deprivation in students has been linked to lower GPAs because sleep affects concentration, memory and the ability to learn” (University of Michigan, 2015). Texting has begun to have a negative impact on education because children and teenagers tend to stay up later to text with their friends then the next day these children and teenagers go to school sleep deprived; over time this pattern causes grade drops and a lower GPA.

On an individual level texting has negatively affected communication between people. The video talks about how communications in a texting conversation have to happen very quickly with little time to wait before the response is expected, almost like a high speed tennis match. According to Pew Research Center”72% of teenagers text regularly, and one in three sends more than 100 texts per day”(Villines, 2012). Texting lacks emotion, facial cues, and is only good for surface-level communication. People use texting as a substitute for talking which can, overtime, cause people to develop a discomfort with in-person communication (Villines, 2012). Some people even use their phone to text when they are in the same house, room, or building as the person they are communicating with. Texting has negatively affected communication between friends and families because it lacks the social rules that a real conversation has. People say thing in text messages that they would not say out loud to a person because there are no immediate consequences. The sender does not have to deal with the person their talking to becoming angry or yelling.


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